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Composers of flute music

At present this section includes primarily links to lesser-known composers of flute music, including some of their flute compositions. As time permits, I'll include more links to the greats that everyone knows about. For other contemporary composers, see English Index of composers (usually under the program link)- Warsaw Autumn.

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Kati Agócs
Canadian composer. Flute works include Caritas for flute, cello, and piano (2001); and Immutable Dreams for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, and piano.
Franghiz Ali-Zadeh - Azerbaijani composer
Musicalics - works list, short bio, & photo
Boosey & Hawkes works list
Flute works include Aþk havasý for flute and prepared piano; and From Japanese Poetry (1990), for soprano, flute and piano/vibraphone/celesta texts by Isikava Takuboku (in Russian and German), dedicated to Sofia Gubaidulina (14’)
Carl Joachim Andersen
Danish flutist, conductor and composer.
Julian Anderson
British composer, studied with Tristan Murail. Flute works include The Colour of Pomegranates for alto flute and piano
Samuel Andreyev
Canadian composer. Flute works include Nombres Imaginaires (2004) for flute solo (6 min.); and Le Malheur Adoucit les pierres (2002/2005) for bass flute, English horn and bassoon (6 min.);
Francesco Antonioni
Italian composer. Flute works include Canzoni e ballabili (1999) for flute, double bass and piano (8 min.); and Variazioni su una pop-song (1997) for flute and harmonizer (6 min.).
Jon Appleton
American composer. Archived site. Mr. Appleton died in 2022. Flute works include Stop Time (2000) for solo flute and tap dancer; Four Inventions for Two Flutes (1965); and Six Movements for Wind Quintet (1964).
Richard Arnest
American composer. Holds degrees in composition from the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music and the University of Hawaii. Studied composition with Morton Feldman, Ingolf Dahl, et al. Flute works include Liquescence 09/04; unpublished (9 min.37 sec.) Solo flute and string orchestra; Epicmusic winner, and Present for the Creation 05/04; unpublished (48 min.) solo flute.
Malcolm Arnold
English composer. 1921-2006
Clarise Assad
Brazilian composer. Flute works include The legend of Yara for woodwind quintet, piano and percussion (2002)
Lera Auerbach
Russian-born female composer. Wikipedia article. Flute works include Monologue for flute opus 19 (1990).
Peter Bacchus (1954-2016
Archived site. American flutist and composer, living and teaching at the music conservatory in Barcelona. Flute works include Quartet for Diverse Flutes, Moto Perpetuo (1985); Variations and Finale on a choral theme for flute, harp and viola (1988); Timbres and Variations for wind quintet (1997 revised 2004); and Flute Variations for solo flute (2001-2005), published by Dinsic Editorial.
Roumen Balyozov
Bulgarian composer . Flute works include Conflicts for flute, viola, harp, piano and tape (1977); and Da Capo for flute and tape (1994).
Gerald Barry - Irish composer
Contemporary Music Centre bio
Oxford University Press bio
Flute works include Aeneas and Dido (1995) for fl, cl and pno (2); and Octet (1995) for fl, afl, cl, bcl, vn, vc, pf, mar (10 min.)
Robert Beaser
Variations for flute and piano; Il est né, le divin enfant for flute and guitar, etc.
David Bedford
born in London in 1937 of a musical family, composer of a wide range of compositions forms, Died 2011. School Opera to pieces for orchestra and chorus. Flute works include Oh Eva, Hear My Lament (1997) for flute, piano; and Diaphone (1985) for flute and vibraphone.
Gordon Beeferman
Composer and panist. Works performed by the New York City Opera VOX showcase, the Minnesota Orchestra, Albany Symphony, Quartet New Generation recorder collective, eighth blackbird et al. Flute works include
Eva Belgarian
Flute works include Preciosilla (Margaret's Mix) for fl/alto fl, & tape; Samurai Song for voice, & alto flute; Five Things for fl, bsn, speaker, & woodblock; and Robin Redbreast for piccolo, voice, & electronics.
Dan Becker
Flute works include Fade for fl, cl, pno, & perc.
George Benjamin
English composer. Flute works include Octet for flute (+ piccolo), clarinet, violin, viola, cello, double bass, celesta, percussion (1978); Flight for solo flute (1979)
Richard Rodney Bennett
Flute works include Summer Music (flute and piano (1982); Six Tunes for the Instruction of Singing Birds (flute solo) (1981) (8 min.) ; Sonatina (flute solo); Conversations for two flutes (1964); and Winter Music (flute and piano)(1960).
Flint Juventino Beppe
Archived site. Norwegian-born composer, artist and producer. Flute works include Flute Concerto No.2; High Mountains of Music Op.8 for flute and piano; and A Piccolo Poem Op.72.
Johanna Magdalena Beyer
1889-1944. Flute works include Have Faith! for soprano and flute — 3 versions) 1936-7.
Snorri Sigfús Birgisson
Icelandic composer. Flute works include Partita for solo flute (19970 (11 min.). Pdf of score available.
John Bischoff
Flute works include Rondo for fl, cl, tbn, clo, perc, pno, live electronics.
Allan Blank
Professor Emeritus at Virginia Commonwealth University where he taught from 1978-1996. Flute works include Dance Images (solo), and Angles of Vision: Five Perspectives (solo)
Luigi Boccerini
Philippe Bodin
"Born in France and living in New York City, Philippe Bodin is a composer of unusually lyrical contemporary classical music which has garnered notice for its formal clarity and driving rhythmic energy." Flute works include Zygiella's Visions (2001) for septet: fl, cl, vln, vla, vc, , piano and percussion; and peal (2000) for quintet: fl, cl, vln, vc and pno.
Robert Bonotto
"a virtually self-taught composer of classical music" (from the website). Flute works include Quartet for Oboe (or flute) and Strings, and Curtain-Raiser, for Flute & Strings, op.11.
Anne Boyd
Australian composer. Flute works include: Bali moods No. 1 for flute and piano (1987)(6 min.); Bali moods No. 2 for flute and piano (1988)(5 min.); Cloudy mountain for flute and piano (1981)(9 min.); and Concerto for flute and strings (1992)
Daniel Bradshaw
Hawiian-born American composer. Flute works include TrioTrioTrio (2003) for flute, bass clarinet, tumpet, trombone, viola, cembalo (8 min.)
Robert J. Bradshaw
Composer based in New England. Flute works include Sonata No. 2 In My Collection for flute, piano and string quintet, or flute and piano (18 min.); and Sonatina No. 5 Opt Out for flute, piano and string quintet, or flute and piano (10 min.)
Uri Brener
Composer/pianist/bassoonist born in Moscow. Flute works include Three Ballet Scenes (1996) for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, marimba & piano (11 min.).
Galen H. Brown
American composer. Flute works include Pulse point (2003) for flute, dlarinet, oboe, bassoon, trumpet, trombone, french horn, violin (2), viola, cello, bass, and piano; The State, Recumbant (2004) for bass flute, english horn, trumpet, violin (2), viola, cello, bass; and Waiting in the Tall Grass (2007) for flute, oboe, bass clarinet, bassoon, viola, bass, piano, and percussion
Zack Browning
Associate professor emeritus of music composition at theUniversity of Illinois. Flute works include Moon Thrust (2009) for flute, violin, cello, and percussion (13 min); Hakka Fusion (2009) for flute, viola and piano (12 min.); Variables (1979) for flute, oboe, viola, double bass, harp, and percussion (11 min.); Quintet for Winds (1978) for flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, and bassoon (14 min.)
Christopher Caliendo
Guitarist/composer. Many flute/guitar compositions, including Tango Andaluz (4 min.06 sec.) and Tristeza (sadness) (4 min.53 sec.)
Robert Capanna
American composer. Flute works include Stria for solo flute; Trio 2 for flute, oboe and harp; and Variations for flute and harp. Works available from the composer.
Elliott Carter
Compositional sketches digitized at the Library of Congress. Works include Woodwind Quintet, Eight Etudes and a Fantasy, and Sonata for Flute, Oboe, Cello & Harpsichord
Ryan Carter
American composer originally from Wisconsin. Flute works include Spirals (2005) for flute, harp, and vcl(? cello?); and not one, not two (2003) for flute and/or tape.
Joel Chadabe
Chadabe died in 2021 at age 82. Flute works include Rhythms: Variation VI (1982) for violin, flute, vibraphone, electronic sounds on tape.
Evan Chambers
Louisiana-born composer, currently Associate Professor of Composition at the University of Michigan. Flute works include Two Hesitations (1986 ) for flute, clareinet, alto sax or vla, and piano (7 min.).
Dorothy Chang
American composer. Flute works include Flight: Concerto for Flute and Orchestra (2005-06) (18.5 min.); Mirage (2000) for solo flute or solo saxophone (5 min.); Mirage 2 (2004) for solo flute (5 min.); and Miniatures (1998) for flute, cello, piano (8 min.).
Derek Charke
Composer, flutist & professor at Acadia Univeristy. Flute works include Raga Saat for flute quartet (2011); Cross-talk for flute choir (2008); and Lachrymose for piccolo (2006)
Marek Choloniewski
Ian Clarke (b. 1964)
English flutist/composer
Rebecca Clarke
1886-1979. English composer. Flute works include Chinese Puzzle (1925) for flute, violin, cello and piano.
Anna Clyne
English composer of acoustic and electroacoustic music. Flute works include four-fold (2004) for song cycle for soprano, flute, viola, 'cello, piano and tape (Text by W.B. Yeats & anon.( (11 min.); scratched (2005) for soprano, flute, oboe, piano, electric guitar and marimba (text by Tom Bolt) (8 min.); and steelworks (2006) for flute, bass clarinet, percussion and tape (15 min.)
Jonathan Cohen
Quoting his website: "Mediocre Flute Player Passable Composer." Works for flute emsembles.
Valerie Coleman — member of Imani Winds
Flute works include Umoja – A Kwanzaa Celebration for Woodwind Trio or Flute Trio, 5 minutes; versions for ww quintet and brass quintet.
Michael Colquhoun (b. 1953)
Solo recitalist, Music Director of the Latin Music Ensemble Los Caribes, and Adjunct Professor of Music at Canisius College, Buffalo, NY. Flute works include Nothing Succeeds Like Excess for flute, clarinet, bassoon, and Softly Call for flute/altoflute and viola
Dinos (C.D.) Constantinides
Constantinides died in 2021 at age 92. Flute works include: Antigone - Prologue and Parodos (1988) for Flute Ob Clar Bsn Hn Trump Trom Sop(2) Strings; and Composition for Flute, Harp and Percussion (1973, revised 1978). Published by Magni Publications.
John Corigliano
Flute works include Voyage (1988) flute and either harp, piano, or string quintet (8 min.)
Anthony Cornicello
American composer. Flute works include Chasing (1998), 8 min., for flute, cello & piano; and The Master of Those Who Know (1996), 20 minutes, for flute, clarinet, violin, violoncello, percussion, and piano (written in honor of Charles Wuorinen’s 60th birthday).
Marcello Coronel
Argentinian guitarist, composer. Flute and guitar works include Homenaje a un carrero patagónico and El horcón del medio
Pierre Csillag's musical itinerary
Sebastian Currier
Flash-laden website. Many flute works including STATIC (2003) for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, and piano (27'); BROKEN CONSORT (1996) for Flute, Oboe, Violin, Cello, 2 Guitars (15 min.); and WHISPERS (1996) for Flute, Cello, Percussion, Piano (13 min.)
Joe Cutler
Head of Composition at the Birmingham Conservatoire (England). Flute works include Bad Machine (2fl, 2asax/ssax, bcl, tpt, hn, 2trb, tuba, egui, bgui, perc, pf) and Border Towns of Central Europe (afl, bcl)
Ingolf Dahl
American composer. Flute works include Variations on a Sweedish Folk Tune (1945) for flute solo and Duettino Concertante (1966) for flute and percussion .
Marc-André Dalbavie
Flute works include Clair-Obscur (1981) for fl, vla, harp & piano (9 min.)
from Médiathèque de l'IRCAM (in french)
Mario Davidovsky
AGNI article - Boston University
Peters works list - flute compositions include: Synchronisms: no. 1 (1963) for fl, elecs; Synchronisms: no. 2 (1964) for fl, cl, vn, vc, elecs; Romancero (1983) for Soprano, Flute(Piccolo, Alto Flute), Clarinet(Bass Clarinet), Violin and Violoncello); and Quartetto No. 1 for fl, vn, va, vc.
Jean-Michel Damase
Anthony Davis
internationally known composer of operatic, symphonic, choral, and chamber works. Flute works include Still Waters III (1982) for flute, cello, and piano (20 min.)
Nathan Davis
American composer. Flute works include The Bright and Hollow Sky (2008) for flute, clarinet, trumpet, guitar, and percussion with electronics.
Sergio Roberto de Oliveira
de Oliveira died in 2017 at age 46.Brazilian composer with an extensive catalog of chamber works for flute in various combinations, including Duo for flutes (1996); Fantasy for solo flute (1998); and Circus Brasilis (1999). Pdfs at that address.
Frederick Delius
Flute works include: Air and Dance arr. Fenby for flute & strings); La Calinda (from Koanga) arr. Fenby for flute & strings. Both published by Boosey & Hawkes.
James DeMars
works "that frequently explore intercultural collaborations." Compositions include Crow Wings for flute and saxophone.
Donnacha Dennehy
Irish composer. Flute works include FAT (2000) for flute and tape (6 min.) and Swerve (1998) for flute and soundtrack (8 min.)
Beth Denisch
currently is Associate Professor at Berklee College of Music and on the faculty at Northeastern University. Flute works include Nisan: Hodesh Ha-Aviv for woodwind quintet and string quartet and Jordan and the Dog Woman for woodwind quintet and percussion
David Diamond
American composer who died in 2005 at 89. Promised complete list of compositions (2007) has not yet appeared. Some links to recordings of chamber pieces available under the "Recordings" tab. Flute chamber works include Quintet (1937) for flute, string trio & piano (Southern), and Quintet (1958) for woodwind quintet (Southern). A Wikipedia article includes a composition list but doesn't indicate whether it's complete or not.
Robert Dick
Outstanding flute works too numerous to mention. My favorites include: Techo Yaman for flute & drum machine (2001); and Fish are Jumping for solo flute (1999). Robert Dick, Speaking of Music at the Exploratorium in 1990 (February 1, 1990)
James Dillon
English composer. Flute works include Sgothan for solo flute (1984) (11 min.)
Daniel Dorff
American composer. Flute works include 9 Walks Down 7th Avenue: Rondo Variations for Flute and Piano (2007) (9 min.); April Whirlwind for Flute and Piano (1998) (7 min.); and Andante con Variazioni for Flute and Clarinet (1975) (7 min.)
Avner Dorman
one of Israel's most widely performed living composers. Flute works include a concerto for piccolo and rock band
Alexandra du Bois
American composer. Flute works include L'Arc des Étoiles (Arc of the Stars) (2007) for flute, harp and percussion (7 min.)
David Dzubay
Guggenheim-winning American composer. Flute works include Footprints (2002) for flute and piano (9 min.); and Kukulkan (2007) for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano (20 min.)
José L. Elizondo
Mexican composer of many works for flute including Princesa de Hadas for fl, harp. Pdf downloads available at the site.
Robert Elkjer
Joseph Alessi's (principal trombone, NY Philharmonic) first call arranger for 25 years who has recently branched out to woodwinds. Duets that "contain jazz, but it's all written out (no improv)." E.g. Tango For Two, Swing Lo, Sweet Chariot, and Royal Garden Blues
Peter E�tv�s
Hungarian composer. Flute works include Psy (1996) for flute, violoncello and zymbalom (or piano or harpe or bassmarimba) (9 min.)
Karlheinz Essl
Austrian composer. Flute works include In's Offene! (1991) for flute, clarinet, violin, cello,and Déviation (1993) - flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, percussion.
Eric Ewazen
Roaring Fork Quintet for Wind Instruments, for woodwind quintet, (commissioned by Borealis Wind Quintet, and recorded by them on Helicon Records).(Southern), Cascadian Concerto for Woodwind Quintet and Piano (piano version of the orchestral accompaniment). (premiered by the Cascadian Wind Quintet and the Lake Union Civic Orchestra, June 2003), 25’(Ewazen).
Morton Feldman
Flute works include: Durations I for violin, alto flute, cello and piano (1960); and Insts III for flute, oboe, and percussion (1977). Published by Peters.
Daniel Felsenfeld
American composer who studied at UC - Santa Barbara and at the New England Conservatory, teaches at City College and lives in Brooklyn. Flute works include: All Work and No Play (2007) for piccolo and piano; Looking for Funny Dog (1998) for flute and organ; and From the Letters of Heloise (1997) for flute, clarinet, \bass clarinet, violin, viola, cello, percussion and soprano (1997).
Brian Ferneyhough
Flute works include: Four Miniatures, flute, piano, 1965; Cassandra's Dream Song, flute, 1970; and Mnemosyne – Carceri d'Invenzione VII, bass flute, tape, 1986 (also version for 9 bass flutes, 1986). Published by Peters.
Elaine Fine
a composer, a violist, a violinist, a recorder player, a CD reviewer, and teacher who began her life as a flutist. Many works for flute including Five Postcards for flute, clarinet, cello and piano (2008): score and a sound file are here. Parts for this and other pieces are available from IMSLP.
Cynthia Folio
Associate Professor and chair of music theory at Temple University. Flute works include Trio for flute, cello & piano; and One for Four for flute quartet
John Fonville
professor emeritus at UCSD. Flute extended technique specialist. Some of his many flute works listed here.
Jean Françaix
Gabriela Lena Frank
American composer who "explores her multicultural heritage" Peruvian/Chinese/Lithuanian/Jewish in her music. Flute works include: Cuatro Bosquejos Pre-Incaicos (Four Pre-Inca Sketches) (2006) for flute and cello (9 min.); Sueños de Chambi: Snapshots for an Andean Album (2002) for flute and piano(18 min.)
George Frock
American composer. Flute works include Nimrod/Kimbob for flute and percussion (6 min.).
Dai Fujikura
Japanese composer. Flute works include Still Sweet... (1998 - new version: 2006 — new version - text: Harry Ross), for mezzo soprano viola, and alto flute (6 min.); and Fifth Station (2003-2004) for alto flute, bass clarinet, trumpet, horn, trombone, 2 violins, 1 viola, 1 cello and 1 double bass (15 min.). Published by, published by G Ricordi & Co (London) Ltd.
Beat Furrer
Austrian composer. Wikipedia biography here. Flute works include ... cold and calm and moving ( 1992) for flute, harp, violin, viola and cello (25'); and Face de la chaleur, (1991) for flute, clarinette, piano for orchestra divided into four groups (18').
Allain Gaussin
French composer. Flute works include Ogive (1977) Editions Ricordi (Paris) for flute and harpsichord (12 min. 30 sec.), and Ogive (1877) Editions Ricordi (Paris) for flute and piano (12 min. 30 sec.)
Harald Genzmer
German composer 1909-2007.
Armando Ghidoni
Wonderfully imaginative Italian-born composer living in France. Flute works include: Lirico Jazzy Duo for flute and clarinet (2011); L' étoile inconnue for flute, clarinet (or alto sax), and piano (2004); Badaluk-concerto : pour quintette à vent (2003); Classical fugue goes jazz for flute, clarinet (or alto sax), and piano (2002); and Adagio for flute and piano or harp (1994).
Osvaldo Golijov
2003 Grammy award nominations in the category of “Best Chamber Music Performance,” for Yiddishbuk and in the category of “Best Classical Contemporary Composition” for Yiddishbuk Inscriptions for String Quartet. Flute works include Fish Tale (1998) for flute and guitar (10 min.); and Lullaby and Doina (2001) for flute, clarinet, violin, viola, cello, cbass (2nd violin optional) (7.5 min.).
David Karl Gompper
Composer, director, conductor, performer
Flute works include Kuta Muela III for bassoon, flute, piano, and percussion (2003); and Trio for flute, violin and cello (1989). Teaches at the University of Iowa.
Stacy Garrop
inaugural winner of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra’s Elaine Lebenbom Memorial Award. Flute works include remnants of nine (1999) for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, percussion (6.5 min.)
Stefano Gervasoni
Italian-born composer. He is professor of Composition at the Paris Conservatory. Flute works include AN (1989) for alto flute, clarinet and string trio (c. 11'); ANIMATO (1992) for flute, clarinet, bassoon, horn, piano, violin, viola and cello; and CHHAMP (2001) for solo flute and eleven couples of musicians (c. 23 min.).
Gérard Grisey
French language site
Compositions for flute: Titre Talea, per flauto, clarinetto, violino, violoncello e pianoforte.
Robert Groslot
Belgian composer. Flute works include Statement, Reflection and Conclusion for flute solo (9'), Suite for Flute and Piano, Three Night Pieces for flute and harp, I Colli senes, in the style of Scarlatti for flute and alto flute, a flute concerto, a piccolo concerto, Albarossa for piccolo and marimba (2013), and Una Processione notturna for flute and string quartet.
Sofia Gubaidulina (1931-2006)
Soviet composer of the post-Stalin era. Flute works include Allegro Rustico - Sound of the Forest for flute and piano (1963) (6 min.) Sikorski (rental); and Quartet for 4 Flutes (1977) (5 min.).
Schirmer bio
Works list
Trevor Gureckis
New Haven, CT composer living in New York. NY. Flute compositions include Three Inventions for Flute and Clarinet (2004) (4')
Georg Friedrich Haas
Flute works include: ... aus freier Lust ... verbunden ... for bass flute, bass clarinet and 2 percussionists (1994-1996) (11 min.) (also bass flute solo version and for flute and viola); and Finale for flute (2004) (10 min.).
Kimmo Hakola
Finnish composer. Flute works include sino for solo flute (1984–1985) (6 min.); ... und hoher, die Sterne (7 Rilke-Fragments) for flute and piano (1995) (7 min.); and Arara lunaire (2004) for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano (7 min.)
Kieth Hamel
Canadian composer specializing in combinations of acoustic and electronic sounds. Flute works include Krishna's Flute for solo flute and live interactive electronics (13 min).
Geoff Hannan
British composer. Flute works include Centrifugal Bumblepuppy (1999) for pic, bcl, perc, pf, vn, vc, db and Rigmarole (1997) for 2pic/bfl, fl/pic/bfl, perc
Perttu Haapanen
Finnish composer. Flute works include Deltaic Squirm (1996–1997, revised 1998/1999/2001) for flute, clarinet, bassoon, violin, cello, percussion (1 player) (7'); Mimetic Elegy (2001/2004) for flute, violin and piano; and Air (2007) for flute and piano
John Harbison
On the faculty at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Flute works include Six American Painters (2002) for flute, violin, viola and cello (15 min.); Duo (1961) for flute and piano (18 min.); and Wind Quintet (1979) (23 min.)
Jonathan Harvey
"a truly global reputation, particularly for his work in the field of electro-acoustic music"
Flute works include Nataraja 1983 Flute, piccolo and piano 8' and Ricercare Una Melodia (1984) Flute and stereo tape delay 6 min.
Jake Heggie
Composer of, among other things, the music for the film "Dead men walking." Flute works include Fury of Light (2009) for flute and piano; Winter Roses (2004) for mezzo-soprano, string quintet, wind quintet and piano; and From Emily's Garden (1999) for soprano with flute, violin, cello and piano.
John Heiss
American composer. Flute works include Soliloquy (harmonic images for flute and piano) (2007) (7 min.); and Epigrams for flute and percussion .
Jennifer Higdon
Flute works include Amazing Grace, Autumn Reflection, and DASH.
George Higgs
American composer living in Ireland. Flute works include The Butterpottamus Loved the Hippofly (2006) for fl cl vn vc pf.
Bruce Hobson
American composer living in Vermont. Flute works include Octet (1979) for flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, percussion, violin, and 2 celli (13;) ("performing material on rental); and Quintet (1970) for flute, horn, violin, cello and marimba (18 min.).
Sungji Hong
Korean composer. Flute works include Descending Flow (2005) for fl/picc, ob, cl/bcl, perc, pf, ka, vn, va, vc, db (9 min. ); and The Adoration of the Kings (2002 - Rev. 2003) for fl, ob, mand, gui, hp, perc, vc, db (8’)
Lance Hulme
Flute works include Opium Inspirations (3 movements) - Trios for Flute, Clarinet and Cello (separate or set)
Derek Hurst
Fromm commission recipient living in Somerville, MA. Flute works include Aubade (2002 ) for flute, horn, percussion, harp, viola and contrabass; and Pas de Deux (1995); flute, Bb clarinet, violin, cello and piano
Lee Hyla
Boston-based composer. Flute works include Field Guide (2006) for flute, clarinet doubling bass clarinet, violin, viola, cello, piano, and percussion (9 min.); Ciao, Manhattan (1990) For viola, flute, cello, and piano (7 min.); and Amnesia Breaks (1990) for woodwind quintet (8.5 min.).
Andrew Imbrie
American composer. Flute works include Serenade (1952) for flute, viola and piano (20 min.); and Earplay Fantasy (1995) for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, and percussion (22 min.)
Adina Izzara
Venezuelan composer. Many works for flute here.
Maurizio Kagel
German-Argentinean composer. Flute works include Variaciones para Cuarteto Mixto (1952) for flute, clarinet, violin, and cello.
Vìtězslava Kaprálová
Czech composer. Flute works include Tales of a Small Flute for flute and piano.
Nikolai Kapustin
Jazz-inspired Russian composer. Flute works include Sonata for flute and piano (2004); Trio for flute, cello and piano (1998); and Divertissement for two flutes, cello and piano (1998)
Sigfrid Karg-Elert
Many of his works are on IMSLP.
Daniel Kellogg
Prize-winning composer who studied at Curtis. Flute works include Five Sketches for solo flute (12 min.)
Peter Klatzow
Klatzow died in 2021 at age 76. South African composer. Flute works include Concerto for flute and marimba; Into Four (4) Moon Ritual for flute solo; Sur une route toute blanche for flute and piano; and The World of Paul Klee (1972) for flute, viola and harp;
Oliver Knussen
"one of the most respected figures in British contemporary music." Flute works include Masks for solo flute with glass chimes ad lib.
Jo Kondo
Japanese composer. Flute works include A Scribe (1985), for fl, tb, pf, perc (7 min.), and An Insular Style (1980), for fl, cl, hp, perc (11 min.)
Alex Kotch
American composer. Flute works include Underneath (2005) for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, vibraphone, percussion (6.5 min.); Fragments (2006) for flute, bass clarinet, violin, piano, 2 percussionists (3 min.); and Concert House (2008) for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, electronic beats (8.5 min.)
György Kurtág
Hungarian composer. Flute works include Herdecker Eurythmie op. 14a 1, ( Stille Stücke für Olga-Maria), for flute and tenor lyre; and Wind Quintet op. 2.
Boosey bio
Joan La Barbara
"explores the human voice as a multi-faceted instrument expanding traditional boundaries, creating works for multiple voices, chamber ensembles, music theater, orchestra and interactive technology." Flute works include Snowbird's Dance, into the light (2000) for voice, flute and string quartet
Andrea La Rose
Flutist and composer extraordinare.
Felipe Lara
Brazilian composer. Flute works include Love Song (2010) for flute, oboe, clarinet, violin, viola, cello, piano, and percussion (6 min.)
Angel Lam
"Her music ranges from the delicate depiction of a drop of water for an unconventional instrumentation--guitar, harp, vibraphone, crotales and double bass, to the telling of a forgotten hero from ancient China written for large orchestra and narration." Flute works include Red Peony Sky in Mid-June (2003) for or flute, clarinet, violin, cello, vibraphone and crotales (6.5 min.); and Through the Interwoven Growth (2003) for woodwind quintet (12 min.)
David Lang
"Post-minimalist" American composer. Flute works include Frag (1985) for flute, oboe, and cello (7'); Burn Notice (1988) for flute, cello, and piano (7 min.); and breathless (2003) for woodwind quintet (12 min.).
Vanessa Lann
American composer living in the Netherlands. Flute works include Forest Patterns (1985) for fl, cl, bsn and The Stone for solo flute (2001) and Daybreak for flute duo (1989).
Libby Larsen
American composer. Flute works include AUBADE (1982) for solo flute (6 min.); and Vive: Celebration for flute quartet (1988) (6.5 min.)
Yinam Leef
Israeli composer. Works include Bagatelles for fl, pno (2000; IMI 7278) ( 9 min.), and Flowers, Insects and a Very Thin Line for fl, ob, vln, vcl & pno. (1979; IMC) (8 min.)
Benjamin Lees (1924-2010)
American composer of Russian parentage. Flute works include Tapestry (2003) for flute, clarinet, cello and piano (20 min.); and Evocation for flute solo (1956). Obituary here. Published by Boosey & Hawkes.
Tania León
Cuban composer. Flute works include Haiku (1973) for flute, bassoon, and 5 percussion (25 min.); De Memorias (2000) for woodwind quintet (9 min.); and Alma (2007) for flute and piano (8 min.).
Fred Lerdahl
American composer born in Madison, WI. Flute works include Imitations (1977, revised 2001) for flute, harp, viola ; Episodes and Refrains (1982) for woodwind quintet; and Imbrications (2001) for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano,
Philippe Leroux
French composer, teaches composition (music electronic) at IRCAM. Flute works inlcude PPP (1993) for flute and piano (12 min.); and Continuo(ns) (1994) for flute, clarinette, violon, cello and piano (15 min.).
Arthur Levering
a modern composer of classical music, living in Cambridge, Massachusetts and Rome, Italy. Flute works include Roulade for flute, harp, and string trio (1991) (8 min.); and Lumen I, Lumen II for flute (2001) (8 min,).
Lei Liang
Chinese-born American composer. Flute works include Lake (1999) for 2 flutes (both + alto flute, 2nd + bass flute) (also version for flute, clarinet, 2004); and In Praise of Shadows for solo flute (2005)
György Ligeti
Flute works include Sechs Miniaturen, for double wind quintet (1953/1975) (13 min.) Schott; and Double concerto, for flute, oboe and orchestra (1972) (15 min.) Schott
IRCAM (French language)
Magnus Lindberg
Finnish Music Center
Schirmer bio
flute works include Arabesques (1978) for ww quintet (12 min.); and Quintetto dell' estate (1979) for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, and piano (10 min.)
Phyllis Louke
American flutist, composer & arranger. Flute works include Suite Butterfly for Flute Quartet or Flute Choir; and Castle in the Mist for alto flute and piano
Steven Mackey
Participated in the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival. Flute works include Heavy Light for fl, vc, pno, perc., electronics.
Arvydas Malcys
Lithuanian composer. Flute works include Supper for Five woodwind quintet No.1 (1986) (14 min.) CD Vilnius Recording Studio VSCD-107, 2004 and Ultimum refugium woodwind quintet No.2 (1996) (12 min.) Vilnius: Lithuanian Music Information and Publishing Centre, 2001 CD Tembras, 1999
Philippe Manoury
French composer. Flute works include Jupiter (1987) for flute and electronics (37 min.); and Petit Aleph (1986) for flute (5 min.)
Andrew May
Flute works include Twittering Machine (1995) for flute and computer (7 min.); Sketches of Ghosts (1998/2006) for piccolo solo (6min.); Unsettled Questions (2015) for flute and computer (10 min.); A Room Full of Ghosts for piccolo and computer; Calli (2010) for flute and piano (3min.).
Marco Pietrzela
Italian flutist/composer. Unfortunately the English version seems to have disappeared as of 2014.02.18.
Liviu Marinescu
Romanian composer teachin at Calstate Northridge. Flute works include Mozamorphosis (2000) for flute, violin, and cello; a piacere for flute, oboe, trumpet, percusion, and piano
Ingram Marshall
Flute works include Non Confundar for string sextet, clarinet, alto flute. Written in 1977 to bridge the gap between the immediacy and personality of the soloistic live-electronic medium and the more formalized environment of the fully notated ensemble piece
Bohuslav Martinu
Flute works include: Concerto for Flute, Violin and Orchestra (1936); and Madrigal-Sonata for Flute, Violin and Piano (1942). Published by Bärenreiter and Associated Music Publishers, among others.
Charles Mason
American composer. Rome prize winner, among other things. Flute works include Hradcanska (1995) for flute, violin, 'cello and piano; and Fishing Through the Open Door (1999) for flute and tape
James Beckwith Maxwell
Canadian composer. Flute works include diffusus for flute choir & alto flute solo; invidere (search for title on the page), for flute solo; pensare for woodwind quintet; and vovere (ditto), a concerto for flute and ensemble, based on the material from invidere.
Missy Mazzoli
American composer. Flute works include Still Life with Avalanche (2008) for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, and percussion (9 min); and Magic with Everyday Objects (2007) for flute, Bb clarinet, electric guitar, double bass and piano (9 minutes 30 seconds)
Bonnie McAlvin
New York. Works include Contrapictions (2010) for Flute, Viola and Cello; Falling Red Leaves (2009) for Mezzo-Soprano, Flute, Cello and Piano; and Little Pieces for Piccolo and Piano (2008);
Cecilia McDowall
Scottish composer born 1951. Flute works include Not Just a Place dark memories from an old tango hall (1999 rev. 2004) for flute, cello and piano (7 min.); The Moon Dances (2003) for flute and piano (15 min.); Dream City (2002) for flute, clarinet, harp, string quartet (17 min.); Arctic Circle (2001) for ww 5tet & piano (10 min.); Eleven (1999) for flute and harp (or piano); and Piper's Dream (1997) for flute and piano.
Olivier Messiaen
Ned McGowan
Flutist/composer. Flute works include Santarium (1997) (A medley of tortured Christmas carols.) (6 min.) and Moonrise (1998)(11 min.) for solo flute; Ios Duo (1999) for flute and clarinette (12 min.); and In the Land of Cheese (2002/2001) for flute orchestra (8.5 min.).
Elliott Miles McKinley
American composer. Flute works include Quintet for Flute and Strings (1991); and Puppets for flute and bassoon (1990).
William Thomas McKinley
American composer. Also has a biography at the Schirmer site. Flute works include Paintings No. 6 ("To Hear the Light Dancing") (1981) (15 min.), and Goldberg Variations for flute and orchestra.
Minoru Miki
Japanese composer (1930-2011). Flute works include Sextet for Wind Instruments and Piano (1965) for fl, ob, cl. bn. hn. pf (18 min.); and Kokyo (1970) for shakuhachi solo (12 min.).
Misato Mochizuki
Female Japanese composer. Flute works include Silent Circle (2006) for solo flute, 20 strings koto, perc, guitar, harp, vn, va, cb; Lagunes (2005) for wind quintet and piano; and Intermezzi I (1998) for fl and piano.
Paul Moravec
Winner of the 2004 Pulitzer Prize in music. Biography, picture, CDs, works, and concerts. Flute works include Lyric Dances for fl, pno [19 min.], Circular Dreams for fl, cl, vn, vc, pno [18 min.], Davida's Dreamc for fl, bn, pno [10 min.] .
Alexandros Mouzas
Greek composer. Handshake No. 1 (2002) for for flute duet; and Quintet for woodwinds (1997).
Mike Mower
English composer. Flute works include A Night in Greenwich Village for solo bass flute; and Sonnets for alto flute.
Robert Muczynski
American composer. Flute works include Sonata for Flute and Piano, and Duos for flutes.
Niko Muhly
Young composer (at least he was in 2007) whose works have been played at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, etc. Flute works include Radiant Music (2002) for flute & Tape (6 min.) and Music Revisited (2003) for flute and string quartet, Tape (6 min.).
Tristan Murail
Ircam bio (French language)
Wikipedia bio (with works list)
Flute works include: Ethers for flute and ensemble (1978); Le Fou à pattes bleues for flute and piano (1990); and Unanswered questions for flute (1995). published by Henri Lemoine. He is an emeritus professor at Columbia University in New York, NY
Thea Musgrave
American composer. Flute works include Narcissus (1987) for flute & digital delay system (14 min.)
Carl Nielsen
And then there's the Carl Nielsen Works Catalogue from the Danish Royal Library.
Andrew Norman
American composer. Flute works include Farnsworth: Four Portraits of a House (2003) for flute, four clarinets, violin, piano and percussion (8 min.); and Light Screens (2002) for flute, violin, viola and cello (10 min.)
Lior Novak
Doctorate and Masters from the New England Conservatory. Flute works include Dunes (2005) for flute solo (5 min.); Capriccio (2002) for flute and violin (5 min.); and Three Winged Movements (2003) for flute and piano (12 min.).
Helmut Oehring
German-language homepage. Flute works include Losheit (1992) for bass flute and cello (15 min.); and ICH.STILLE. (from: Rehnebel/Opfer/Puderfinger) (2002) for bass flute, fuitar (glass harp), vibraphone (20 min.)
Leo Ornstein
"from about 1910 to 1925 - Leo Ornstein was the five foot four giant of modern music in America." Flute works include Prelude and Minuet Antique Style for flute & clarinet (1946); and Three Flute Pieces (195x-1979).
Moto Osada
American composer. Flute works include Porcine Go-go for flute, violin, cello and piano.
Eric Ostling
a composer and performer living in the Boston area. Flute works include New Orleans Suite for flute and piano
Andrzej Panufnik - Polish composer 1914-1991
Compositions include Sinfonia Concertante for solo flute, solo harp, and strings - 1973, Triangles for 3 flutes and 3 cellos - 1972
Mark Perry
Free music downloads
Russell Peterson
Amazing saxophonist who also writes music. His piece "Trio for flute, alto sax & piano" was one of the hits of the Anaheim NFA convention in my opinion.
Tobias Picker
recipient of numerous awards and honors including the Bearns Prize (Columbia University), a Charles Ives Scholarship, and a Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship. Flute works include Serenade (1983) for Piano and wind quintet (12 min.); and Sextet 3 (1977) for fl, vln, vcl, cb, gl/vib, pft (12 min.)
Daniel Pinkham - 1923-2006
Flute works include Aerial Music for piccolo and flute (IONE 6576) (9 min.); and Elegy for solo alto flute (IONE 5225) (3 min.); as well as many other works for flute
Paul Pinto
New York composer, vocalist, and conductor. Champion of new music. Flute works include Fute Quartet (2006)* (15 min.) (score sample available); and Laughing with Angst (2004) (2.5 min). 
Matthias Pintscher
German composer. Flute works include a twilight's song (1997) for Soprano und seven Instrumente on a poem of e. e. cummings for bass flute, bass clarinet, percussion, harp, piano, viola & cello (15 min.). Rather annoying flash-based site.
Walter Piston
American composer 20 January 1894 in Rockland, Maine.
Seppo Pohjola
Finnish composer. Flute works include Pixilated (1992) for flute, clarinet, piano, violin and cello (4.5 min.).
Alfie Pugh
Facebook page. British composer. Flute works include: Woodwind Quintet (2009) (2 flutes, 2 clarinets, bassoon); and Mambo Cienfuegos (2013) 3 min. 30 sec. for woodwind quartet (flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon).
Kevin Puts
Composer-in-Residence for the Fort Worth Symphony. Flute works include Four Airs for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano(2004) (22 min.) ; and Traveler for flute/pic, violin, viola, cello and piano (2003) (7 min.).
David Rakowski
Composer and digital font maker. Flute works include GLI UCCELLI DI BOGLIASCO (2006) for flute/piccolo and two pianos (12 min.) ; FIRECAT (1993) for flute and piano (10 min.) ; and FOUR RIVERS (2004) for flute, clarinet, horn and marimba (10 min.)
Shulamit Ran
Female Israeli composer. Flute works include Sonatina for Two Flutes (1961) (5.5 min.); and East Wind for Flute (1987) (6 min.)
Einojuhani Rautavaara
Finnish composer. Flute works include Sonata for Flute and Guitar (1975) (7 min.); and Concerto for Flute and Orchestra "Dances with the Winds" (1975) (23 min.).
Frederic Rzewski
American composer (b. Westfield, MA) now teaching in Brussels. Flute works include Song and Dance for flute, bass clarinet, double bass, vibraphone (1976); Aria for flute (1981); and Pocket Symphony for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, percussion (2000)
Wolfgang Rihm
Flute works include: Deploration for flute, cello, percussion, 1973; Sphäre um Sphäre for flute, oboe, clarinet, harp, violin, viola, cello, double bass, 2 pianos, percussion, 2002. Published by Universal Edition.
Dennis Riley (1949-1999)
American composer. Flute works include Summer Music (1979) for alto (or counter-tenor), flute, guitar (8 min.); Masques (1982) for flute, oboe, clarinet (in A), bassoon, horn; Apparitions (1984) for flute, harp and viola (13 min.);Trio, The Household Muses (1999) for viola, clarinet, flute.
Albert Roussel
Flute works include: Deux poèmes de Ronsard for flute and soprano (1924); and Joueurs de flûte for flute and piano (1924). Published by Durand.
Huang Ruo
Chinese composer "already known to the musical worlds of two continents as a promising young composer and scholar." Flute works include SEEN SOUND (1990) for solo flute (ca. 5 min.)
Joseph M. Russo
Composer/bassist living in the U.S. Many flute works including Septet "Distant Light" for flute, clarinet, harp and string quartet.
Alejandro Rutty
His output includes work in avant-garde music, standard classical repertoire, Ouvido na rua (2005) for flute and 'cello; L’accordeoniste B (2005) for flute, clarinette and piano; and Witchcraft Recipes #10 (2002) for flute, saxophone and harp.
Kaija Saariaho
Finnish composer. Flute works include Couleurs du vent for alto flute (1998) (9 min.); and Mirrors (1997) for flute and 'cello (4 min.).
Marc Sabat
Canadian composer. Flute works include Hope (2000) for male and female voices, bass flute, clarinet, violin, viola, cello, piano (8 min.).
Nicholas Scarim
New York City-based composer. Flute works include The Garden at Night for wind quintet and narrator (1988); a wind quintet (1995); and a flute sonata (1996). His blogspot page, which includes recordings of his work, is here.
Giacinto Scelsi
Italian composer 1905 - 1988. Flute works include: Pwyll (1954) for flute; and Hyxos (for alto flute in G, 2 gongs and cow-bell) (1955).
Peter Schickele
Flute works include Spring Serenade for Flute and Piano (1983) [25'], published by Presser: #164-00176 and The Lowest Trees Have Tops Cantata for Soprano, Flute, Viola and Harp (1974) [24 min.], published by Presser: #164-00144, and The Boston Wonder for Flute and Piano (1959) (3 min.) Published by Presser: #164-00193.
Heather Schmidt
Canadian composer. Flute works include Delphinidae (2001)for flute, clarinet, harp and string quartet (c. 20 min.); Chiaroscuro (2000) for flute and piano (c. 5); Flute Concerto (2003)solo flute with chamber orchestra
Paul Schoenfield
American composer b. 1947 has a degree from Carnegie-Mellon University, as well as a Doctor of Music Arts degree from the University of Arizona. Flute works include Slovakian Children's Songs for flute and piano (ca. 25 min.); and Four Souvenirs for violin and piano, or flute and piano (ca. 12 min.).
Ruth Schönthal
American composer/pianist. Died July 10, 2006 . Flute works include Slovakian Children's Songs for flute and piano (ca. 25 min.); and Ufaratsta for flute and piano (3 min.) Schirmer
Salvatore Sciarrino
IRCAM bio (in French). Flute works include D'un faune (1980) for alto flute and piano (9 min.); and Fauno che fischia a un merlo (1980) for flute and harp (5 min.)
Ruth Crawford Seeger
American composer (1901-1953). Flute works include Diaphonic Suite #3 for flute solo (1930); and Suite for Five Wind Instruments and Piano (1952).
Thomas Schudel
Canadian composer. Flute works include Valentines for solo flute (c. 14 min.); and A Winter Suite (c. 8 min.)
Benjamin Schweitzer
German composer. Flute works include Malbork I for flute, clarinette, string trio & piano
Peter Senchuk
Canadian composer. Flute works include Of Bleakness & Humour (2007) (20 min.) for two flutes (flute & flute/alto flute) and orchestra; and Kinda Blue Xmas, a Christmas jazz work for 12 flutes. (2007) (4 min.)
Harold Shapero
American composer. Flute works include: Three Pieces for Three Pieces, for woodwind trio (1938) (18 min.).
Judith Shatin
A "timbral explorer [whose] inspirations range from myth and poetry to [animal] calls". Flute works include Fasting Heart (1987) for solo flute and Limericks (1974?) (9 min.) for solo flute. Web site rather annoyingly does not give instrumentation for works unless you click on the title.
Rodion Shchedrin
Russian composer. Flute works include Opus 65: "Musical Offering" for organ, three flutes, three bassoons and three trombones (1983). Written for the 300th Anniversary of J.S. Bach's birth.
Sean Shepherd
American composer. Flute works include Metamorphoses for flute, clarinet, oboe, horn, trumpet, Trombone, Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello (2004) (9'30"); Vignette: Three Vinaigrettes for Woodwind Quintet (2003) (7 min. 30 seconds)
Kim D. Sherman
American composer. Flute works include Karner Blue (2002) for flute and piano.
Arlene Sierra
American composer based in London. Flute works include The Art of Lightness for Flute (2007) (7 mins).
Roberto Sierra
American composer. Flute works include Changos for flute and harpsichord (ca. 7 min.); Crónicas del descubrimiento for flute and guitar (ca. 19 min.); and Sonata for Flute and Piano (ca. 12 min.)
Howard Skempton
Flute works include Eternity's Sunrise (2003) for flute, clarinet in A, harp, string quartet (10 min.); and Gemini Dances (1994) for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, percussion, and piano (8 min.)
Giovanni Sollima
Italian composer of mostly stage, orchestral and chamber works. Flute compositions include Maithuna for fl and pno, 1981, and and Il Tracciato di Marta for fl, vc, & amplified ensemble (violin, viola, cello, synthesizer, percussion), 1995.
Ivan Sokolov (b. 1960)
German language bio. Flute works include 10 p'yes [10 Pieces] for flute and piano (1983); Son Ata [At's Dream] for flute and piano (1988).
Juan María Solare
Argentine composer who currently teaches at the University of Bremen, Germany. Flute solo works include Ischigualasto, and Epiclesis; other works include Nomade (flute ensemble); Thinking out loud for flute and piano; Fricción for flute duet (offered as free download and an audio file here. A listing of his other flute works is available here.
Harvey Sollberger
David W. Solomons
Composer, singer and classical guitarist
Asha Srinivasan
Indian-American composer. Flute works include Alone, Dancing (2004) for flute and electronics
Bruce Stark
Composer/pianist. Flute works include American Suite for flute and piano (c. 21 min.); and Blue for flute and piano (c. 4 min.)
Leon Stein (1910-2002)
American composer. Flute works include Introduction and Rondo (1960) for flute and percussion.
Karlheinz Stockhausen
Flute works include Adieu for wind quintet, and Solo for any melody instrument and tape.
Steven Stucky (1949-2016)
awarded the awarded the 2005 Pulitzer Prize in Music for his Second Concerto for Orchestra. Flute works include Movements III: Seven Sketches for Flute and Clarinet (1976) and Serenade for Wind Quintet (1990)
Fabian Svensson
Swedish composer. Flute works include Two Sides (2007) for piccolo, bass clarinet, vibraphone, piano, violin, cello (9 min.); and Perpetuum Mobile (2001) for piccolo, flute, clarinet, soprano sax, baritone sax, horn, trumpet, 2 trombones, tuba, percussion, electric guitar, bass guitar, piano, 2 sopranos, mezzo-soprano, tenor, baritone (3 min.)
Witold Szalonek
Compositions include Propozinioni, for flute, viola and harp (1967), 5 Little Pieces, for flute and other instrument (1969); Propozioni II, for flute, violoncello and harp (1970); and Poseidon & Medusa for -2 piccolos, alto & bass flutes)
Augusta Read Thomas
Native New Yorker. Flute works include ...The Soul is Light... (2006) for oboe (or flute), violin and harp (8 min.).
Karen Tanaka
Japanese composer. Flute works include Invisible Curve (1996) for flute, violin, viola, cello and piano (9 min.) (rental only)
Todd Tarantino
professor of Music Theory at the Manhattan School of Music. Flute music includes Textes and Glosses (1998-1999) for flute and piano (10 min.); and Septet (1998) for flute, clarinet, piano, percussion, violin, 'cello, cembalo (9 min.)
Victor Tarnopolski
Russian composer who teaches at the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory. Flute works include
Eindruck-Ausdruck (Impression-Expression) (version III 1996) for or piano, flute, clarinet and string trio (12 min.); and Szenen aus dem wirklichen Leben (Scenes from the Real Life) (1995) for soprano, flute, French horn and piano (20 min.).
Michael Tenzer
Teaches at the University of British Columbia. He is particularly interested in the Gamalan. Flute works include Gash Gold-Vermillion for Flute/AltoFlute, Bb Clarinet/Bass Clarinet, Violin, Cello, Piano and Percussion (1991); and Sources of Current for flute, oboe, harp, viola and cello (1996)
Stevan Kovacs Tickmayer
Yugoslavian composer who studied composition with Louis Andriessen & Diderick Wagenaar at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague. Flute works include Orphic Drones & Pagan Beats (1995) (Hommage a Josip Stolzer Slavenski). Dedicated to Orkest de Volharding. For flute, French horn, three trumpets, three trombones,
three saxophones, double bass & piano [ 15 min.] and Revisited Paths (2004 ) for flute, recorder, clarinet, bass clarinet, trumpet, two violins, viola da gamba, cello, double bass, piano/harpsichord & percussions [25 min.].
Jukka Tiensuu
Finnish composer b. 1948. Flute works include: Ouverture (1972) for flute and harpsichord (13 min.); Cadenza (1972) for flute (4 min.); and Four Etudes (1974) for flute.
Joan Tower
American composer. Flute works include Amazon I (1977) for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, and piano (13 min.); Snow Dreams (1983) for flute and guitar (9 min.); and Duo (2006) for flute, clarinet (2 min.)
Galina Ustvolskaja 1919-2006
Compositions include Composition I - Dona nobis pacem for piccolo, tuba, and piano. Other links Music Under Soviet Rule
Michel van der Aa
Dutch composer. Flute works include Quadrivial (1997) for flute, violin, cello and piano (8 min.)
Nadir Vassena
Swiss composer. Flute works include "come perduto nel mare un bambino…" (1999) for flute (5&rsquo); and Triptych-Crucifixion (1998) (14 min.) fl., cl., vl., vc., pf.
Jacob Ter Veldhuis
Flute works include LIPSTICK (1998) for flute/alto flute & soundtrack (9 min. 40 sec.).
Elizabeth Vercoe
"one of the most inventive composers working in America today" (Washington Post). Flute works include Fantavia for flute & percussion (1982) (10 min.); and Kleemation for flute & piano (2003) (15 min.).
Lois Vierk
Illinois-born composer. Flute works include Io (1999) for amplified flute, electric guitar, amplified marimba.
Carl Vine
Australian composer. Flute works include Sonata for Flute and Piano (12 min.) and Caf� Concertino (1984) for flute, clarinet, violin, viola, cello, piano (11 min.)
Dan Visconti
"a composer of concert music who draws inspiration from the rich character and improvisatory spirit of American vernacular styles." Flute works include A Season in Summer Rains (2004) for flute (db. alto), violin, clarinet (db., cello, percussion, piano (8 min.). Audio clips available at the site.
Andy Vores
Welsh-born, Boston-based composer. Flute works include Approach (2007) for flute and CD playback (9 min.); Air Baby (2001) for soprano, flute, clarinet, violin and percussion (15 min.); and Bubble (2003) for flute, piano (11 min.).
Andrew Waggoner
American composer. Flute works include The Desires of Ghosts (1999) for fl., cl., vn., va., pf. (9’); and Pierrot Tells the Time... (1998) for fl., cl., vn., va., vc., pc., pf (9 min.)
Melinda Wagner
Philadelphia-born composer. Flute works include Sextet (1989) for Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Viola, Cello and Piano (13 min.); Concerto for Flute, Strings and Percussion (1998) (24 min.); and Wick (2000) for Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello, Piano and Percussion (15 min.).
Rolf Wallin
Norwegian composer. Flute compositions include Solve et Coagula (1992), available from Chester Music, for flute / piccolo / alto flute, clarinet / bass clarinet, perc, piano, string quartet (13 min.); and Three Part Intention (1981) for flute, clarinet, bassoon (8 min.).
Wang Jie
Chinese-born composer now living in NYC. Flute works include Music for the Joy of Sextet (2006) for flute, clarinet, violin, viola, cello and percussion; and The Stranger 2 (2005) for flute (piccolo), clarinet, violin, cello, piano and one chinese temple block.
Karl Maria von Weber
Flute works include Adagio und Variationen für Flöte (und Klavier?) (WeV P.8); Umarbeitung des Adagio für Flöte, Viola und Klavier (WeV P.10); and Trio für Flöte, Violoncello und Klavier g-Moll (WeV P.14),
Mieczyslaw Weinberg
Studied with Shoistakovich, and possibly influenced his music. Flute works include Twelve Miniatures op. 29 for flute and piano (1946)
Stefan Weisman
American composer. Flute works include Fuse Action (2007) for flute and clarinet (7 min.); and Skin Nails Hair (2005) for flute and percussion (14 min.)
Nigel Westlake
Australian composer. Flute works include Blue on Gold (1990) for guitar, violin & flute (10 min.); Refractions at Summercloud Bay (1989) for violin, viola, cello, flute (Picc/Alto) & Clarinet (bass.Cl & Eb) (12 min. 50 sec.); and Entomology (1988) for mixed ensemble & pre-recorded insects (clarinet (bass cl.), violin, cello, piano, percussion & flute (alto /picc.) (12 min.)
Richard White
American composer. Flute works include Minute Tours: Ten Conversations for Two Flutes; and Nethermead Air and Variations (flute, clarinet, french horn, and harp)
Daniel Wohl
Paris-born composer living in Brooklyn. Flute works include Suite Primaire (2008) for for flute, piano, percussion, melodica, cello and slide whistle; and Music to Hesitate To for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and bass; and Monde Angulaire (2005) for flute, clarinet, harp, piano, 2 violins, cello and bass.
Julia Wolfe
American composer. Flute works include Girlfriend (1988) for fl(afl,pic), cl(bcl), full-size MIDI kbd with Electric Organ (all instruments amplified).
Stefan Wolpe
Flute works include Musik zu Hamlet, langsamer Satz for flute, clarinet, and cello (1929); and Piece in 2 Parts for flute and piano (1960).
John Woolrich
Requies Flash. Flute works include Sad Song (1999) (2 min.) and Darker Still (2001) (14 min.) for flute and piano.
Paul Wranitzky
(contemporary of Mozart & Haydn). Flute works include a flute and piano sonata, 3 Duets for 2 Flutes, Op.42, 6 duos Concertans, op. 13 (links to IMSLP public domain, free downloads)
Maurice Wright
Virginia-born, American composer. Flute works include Duo (1974), for flute and clarinet (6); Chamber Symphony for Woodwind Quintet (1977 (20 min.); and Landscape (1999) for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, percussion and harp (12 min.); and a flute conerto (2007) that was not listed on his website as of 23.Nov.2007.
Xi Wang
three-time winner (2002, 2004, 2007) of the ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) Morton Gould Young Composer Award. Flute works include Three Images for flute/alto flute, clarinet/bass clarinet, violin, cello percussion and piano (2005-07); Autumn Poem dedicated to Zhou Long and Chen Yi, for flute/alto flute/piccolo, violin, cello, percussion and piano (2003); and Four Images for flute, violin, viola, cello and piano (1996)
Dmitri Yanov-Yanovsky - Uzbekistani composer
Schirmer work list - flute works include Sounding Darkness (1992) for flute, oboe, glass harmonica, viola, cello (8 min.); and Come and Go (1995) for 3 female voices, flute, guitar, piano, and cello (18 min.)
Joji Yuasa
Japanese composer. Emeritus professor at the University of California, San Diego. Flute works include Interpenetration for 2 flutes (1963).
Henri Zagwijn (German-language site)
Dutch composer. Flute works include Trio I and Trio II (1945) for flute, oboe, clarinet; and Quintetto (1948) for woodwind quintet.
Roger Zahab
American composer. Flute works include Gentle Haunting (1987) for solo cello, alto flute, bass clarinet and piano (8 min.); and your madness here (2002) for flute, 'cello and percussion (2 min.).
Frank Zappa
Flute works include Times Beach II and Times Beach III for woodwind quintet
Walter Zimmermann
2007 Composer in Residence New England Conservatory Boston. Flute works include Lied im Wüstenvogelton (1987) for bass flute and piano (13 min.); and Der Tanz und der Schmerz (1981/2005) for flute, oboe, clarinette, piano & string quartet (5 min.);
Ashot Zohrabian
Armenian composer, born 1945. Flute works include Boomerang Games No. 1, flute, oboe, clarinet, piano, string quartet (1973),Boomerang Games No. 2, flute, oboe, clarinet, piano, percussion, string quartet (1975), and Septet, 2 flutes, 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, piano (1976)
John Zorn
American composer and saxophonist.. Flute works include Christabel (1972) for five flutes; and Angelus Novus (1993) for wind octet.
Ellen Taaffe Zwilich
American composer. Flute works include Divertimento for Flute, Clarinet, Violin, and Violoncello (1983); and Concerto for Flute and Orchestra (1989) (18 min.)
Collections libraries, Archives, and Research Centers for American Music
Contact info, homepages, where available and strengths of holdings
Collections of Armenian composers
Compiled by the Armenian Cultural Foundation, Arlington, MA
The Australian Music Centre
lists Australian composers (mixed in with "sound artists and improviser performers." There is also an Australian composers' website. The Western Australian New Music Archive It draws material from the State Library of Western Australia catalogue, the National Library's Trove and ABC Classic FM's collection, as well as attracting contributions from the West Australian new music community.
Avant Garde composers et al. -
A comprehensive list to sound files of avant garde artists from Kathy Acker to Varèse
Union of Azerbaijan composers
Unfortunately no English version
Baroque composers and musicians
Belgian composers
Archived site. Still good for the repertoire display.
Center for Black Music Research
Materials highlighting the role of black music in world culture with materials originating or representing black music in the United States, Africa, Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean.
Brazilian composers
Union of Bulgarian composers
bios and recommended music of 8445 composers
Canadian Music Center
The Canadian Music Centre holds Canada's largest collection of Canadian classical music works. The site has links to many composer biographies.
For pictures of many composers, see the Classical Composers' Archive.

The Classical Composers' Database
is a wonderful resource for works lists and webpages of composers.
Cleveland (OH) Composers' Guild members

Contemporary Composers links
CASA RICORDI: COMPOSERS OF OUR TIME - contains the composers published by Ricordi who worked and who work in the 20th century, from the so-called "generazione dell'Ottanta" ("generation of 1880" - Alfano, Casella, Malipiero, Pizzetti, Respighi) to the more recent generations of Italian and foreign composers.
Composers by Country - an amazing collection of links - Africa to USA
Composers Edition - "Composers Edition is the brain-child of Source Music Services director Dan Goren. . . [who] spent four fruitful years at the British Music Information Centre where he co-ran the print and distribution services including New Voices and Contemporary Voices."
Contemporary Composers Web Archive - The Contemporary Composers Web Archive is a newly launched initiative by the music librarians at Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Princeton, and Yale universities, MIT, and the universities of Chicago and Pennsylvania (collectively known as the Borrow Direct Music Librarians Group) and operates under the auspices of Columbia University Libraries and Information Services.
Contemporary Music Composer Collectives and Associations - from American to Wisconsin.
The Living Composers Project
There is a contemporary music festival in Warsaw, Poland each Fall that lists biographies of its composers.

This is a list of a recent American Composer orchestra celebration that includes names of many Cuban composers. Archived site.
Czech music information center
The site also includes other information on Czech performers, etc.

A broad selection of today's Danish composers is available in Music Information Center's project Contemporary Danish Music

A listing of Dutch composers from the Muziekgroep Nederland.

Early Music Links
Estonian composer information is available from the Estonian Music Information Centre

Online registry of Filipino musical artists
Film Music Society is the place for those interested in movie music and the people who write it.
There is a good deal of information on Finnish music, contemporary, folk and otherwise at the Finnish Music Information Center.
Greek Composers
Here is a link to information on Hungarian composers - some with just birth & death dates, some with links to websites
Iceland Music Information Center has a database of flute-related compositions by Icelandic composers
Information Irish composers, or composers living in Ireland is here.

The Israel Music Institute has a composers gallery (presumably of Israeli/Jewish composers).
The site lists many Japanese composers
Unfortunately you have to scroll down the page to get to the various alphabetical divisions

Milken Archive of Jewish Music
[F]ounded in 1990 to document, preserve, and disseminate the vast body of music that pertains to the American Jewish experience. [M]ore than 700 recorded works, [and] 800 hours of oral histories, 50,000 photographs and historical documents, and thousands of hours of video footage from recording sessions, interviews, and live performances, plus an extensive collection of program notes and essays
Latin American Music Center
Indiana University

Latvian composers

A listing of Lithuanian composers is here. also has a comprehensive links of online composer information
Links to Norwegian composers

, a Stanford University site provides links to libretti, source texts, performance histories, synopses, and discographies.
The Polish Music Center at the University of Southern California.
Prix de Rome winners 1803-1968
Wikipedia page for French composers
Romanian Composers
Classical Composers Database
Union of Composers and Musicologists from Romania
Wikipedia list of Romanian composers
The list of Slovak Composers
Soviet composers
Music under Soviet Rule - compiled by Ian MacDonald
Soviet Composers - compiled by Otto van Rijen. Archived site.
A listing of flute works by Swedish composers is available from Svensk Musik.
Biographical information on Mr. Ziyodullo Shahidi, and several other Tajik composers.
The Turkish Music Portal provides a list of Turkish composers.
The International Alliance for Women in Music
Under Resources find Women Composers Database, Women Conductor Database & more.
Women Composers


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