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My Résumé



Simmons College, Boston
MASTER OF SCIENCE in Library Science, 2002
Manhattan School of Music, New York City
Stony Brook University, New York
Lawrence University, Appleton, Wisconsin
BACHELOR OF MUSIC, 1977, BACHELOR OF ARTS in Slavic Literature, 1976
Academie Internationale d'Été, Nice, France
Certificat de Stage, 1977, 1979, 1981



Russian - B.A. 1976
French - attended school in Nice, France 1977, '79, '81
German - Goethe Institute scholarship for study in Berlin, 1979
Italian - American Field Service scholarship to Italy 1972



Franklin Performing Arts Company - 2005 to present
Nutcracker - 2nd flute/picc 2005 to present
Beauty & the Beast (2017)
Fiddler on the Roof - flute/alto flute/piccolo - 2016
Peter Pan - flute/piccolo - 2014
Les Miserables flute/alto flute/picc - 2013
Into the Woods - flute - 2007
Cinderella - flute - 2006
The Wizard of Oz - flute - 2005
Melrose Symphony Orchestra - 2004 to 2014
Principal flute
Quincy Symphony Orchestra - 2006
Second flute
New England Philharmonic Orchestra, Boston, MA
Co-Principal Flute, 1990-1996
Dedham Choral Society Orchestra
Second Flute, 1990-1996
Civic Orchestra of Boston, Boston, MA
Alto Flute, 1990
Classic Stage Company, New York, NY, Phaedra Britannica
Alto flute, 1988-1989
New Jersey Pops Orchestra 
Flute and Piccolo 1987
Bronx Opera Orchestra, Bronx, New York
2nd Flute/Piccolo, 1986-1988
Bel Canto Opera Orchestra, New York City
Principal Flute, 1986
Universal Chamber Orchestra, New York City
Second Flute/Piccolo 1986
Greenwich Village Orchestra, New York City
Co-Principal, 1984-1989
Downtown Chamber Players, New York City
Co-Principal, 1983-1987
New Amsterdam Chamber Ensemble, New York City 
Flutist/Founding Member, 1980-1989



"Albert William Arlom" The Flautist (Mar. 2023)
Biography of British flutists Albert William Arlom and his son, Wilfred who moved to Australia in the early 20th century. Published by the Australian Victorian Flute Guild.
Member of the National Flute Aassociation Masterclass Performers Committee. (Mar. 2017)
"Getting started with the alto flute." Flute Talk Magazine (Feb. 2017)
"Na Rua dos Meus Ciúmes – Traditional Portuguese Fado, arr. For Woodwind Quintet by Antonio F. Figueiredo"
Review of Noteworthy Sheet Music publication published in, 2013
"Samuel Baron," "Richard Rodney Bennett," "The Tcherepnins (Nicolai, Alexander, Ivan, Stefan and Sergei)" 2009
articles for Andras Adorjan's Flutist Lexicon
Under the Canopy of My Life 2008
Translation of Russian composer Nicolai Tcherepnin's memoir for the Tcherepnin Society
Finalist - Greater Boston Flute Association Concerto Competition, 2003
Finalist - Greater Boston Flute Association Orchestral Excerpt Competition, 2003
Dr. John's Warm-up Routine,” Nagahara Newsletter, 2002
Dr. John's Practice Toolkit,” Nagahara Newsletter, 2002
"Departure / Souls of Chaos," The Orchard Records. 2001
Music by David Rosenbloom, audio CD
“A Beautiful, Living Sound: A Tribute to James Pappoutsakis.”
The Flutist Quarterly, Vol. XXV, No. 3 (Spring 2000)
“Yoga for Flutists”, The GBFA Gazette
Winter, 2000
Winner, Special Library Association Essay Contest, May 1992
Travel expenses to the SLA Convention, San Francisco
"Great Virtuosi of the Flute," The Flutist Quarterly,
Winter 1992
"Requiem in Petersburg," Berlioz Society Newsletter,
August, 1991
Candlelight Carol, London Records.
Recording of Christmas music with the Trinity Church Choir of Boston, MA, Brian Jones, conductor, June, 1990
"The Art of Flutist Paul Taffanel," Flute Talk, March, 1990,
The Instrumentalist, October 1990
Music by American Composers. Tour of the Netherlands,
Germany, and Switzerland, 1989
Wisconsin Public Radio Broadcast
Music by American Composers for flute and piano, January 29, 1989
Outstanding Young Men of America, Certificate, 1987
"Mixail Kuzmin," Encyclopedia of World Literature in the 20th Century,
Ungar Press, New York City, 1982, Article on Russian poet
Soundings, SUNY-Stony Brook, 1980. Translations of poetry
by Russian poet, Mixail Kuzmin
Goethe Institute - scholarship for study in Berlin, 1979
American Field Service - scholarship to Italy, 1972



Composers Conference - Wellesley College
Assistant Director - Winds 2008 to present, Chamber Music Center Faculty, 2005, 2007, 2008
Northeastern University, Boston.
Flute Instructor, 1992-present
Private Studio, Boston, 1989-present;
New York City, 1980-1989
Boston Flute Academy - Jamaica Plain, MA
Studio Class - April, 2013
Rhode Island College - Providence
Visiting Instructor, Spring Semester 2007
University of Massachusetts - Boston.
Visiting Instructor, Summer Semester 2000, Fall 2003
Community Music Center of Boston
Faculty,  1989-2003 - Chair-Wind Dept., 1990-1996. Flute, recorder, ensemble and flute choir coach.
Peabody Neighborhood School, Cambridge, MA
Faculty, 1991-1993 - beginning to advanced recorder students
New School of Music, Cambridge, MA
Faculty,  1991-1993 - Chair-Wind Dept., 1990-1993. Flute, recorder, ensemble and flute choir coach
Performing Arts School of Worcester, MA, 1989-1993
Flute, recorder, ensemble and flute choir coach
Third Street Music School Settlement, New York City
Faculty, 1981-1989
C.W. Post College, Long Island, New York
Visiting Instructor, Spring Semester, 1982
Stony Brook University
Graduate Assistant to Samuel Baron, 1979-1980



Greater Boston Flute Association
Founding Board member (1992-1995), Webmaster (1992-2005), and Advisory Board member - 1995 to present
Pappoutsakis Memorial Fund
President - 1999 to 2006, Board member - 1997-1999
Simmons College Music Librarianship Course
Webmaster 1998 to 2009 when Simmons shut down the account


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