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Practice Corner


American Federation of Musicians' list of taped excerpts for flute
Tod Brody's list of Flute and Piccolo excerpts
International Music Score Library Project
a virtual library containing all public domain musical scores, as well as scores from composers who are willing to share their music with the world without charge
Orchestral Musicians' CD-ROM Library
Complete orchestral parts on CD
Practicing excerpts
by Patricia George. Here is a page for Peter & the Wolf fingerings from Jennifer Cluff. And Jen's helpful compilation of suggestions for Prokofiev's Classical Symphony here.
Dr. Edwin Lacy's tips for taking orchestral auditions
Peter Lloyd's Recommended Repertoire
Volière or Aviary by Saint-Saëns
Practice suggestions from Jennifer Cluff
Tevor Wye's Top of the Pops Orchestral Excerpts


Dolmetsch online
Scroll down the page past the theory links to get to discussions of music from the 16th to the 20th century
Flute History


D-flat/ C-sharp in TUNE!
Youtube masterclass excerpt with Leone Buyse
Difference Tones
by John Rosen
Ear Training Software
How to check your flute scale
from Trevor Wye
Interval calculator
Computer program that produces tones to tune against
Sir James Galway
Intonation and intuitive learning
Wissam Boustany
The Intonation of the Modern Flute
by Trevor Wye
Korg tuners
Google list
Revised [flute] scale
A multi-page document courtesy of William Bennett, Eldred Spell, & Trevor Wye
Freeware that uses a microphone attached to your computer to" give real-time feedback including: Accurate pitch contours for visualising intonation, vibrato shape, tuning or just which note is being played; Loudness graphs, to help analyse dynamics; Harmonic structure of a note describing timbre"
A Thousand & One flute tuning ideas
Index of tuning articles from Jennifer Cluff
Tuning software
music tuner software mac mostly shareware for Mac users (free)
Seventh String Tuning fork - hook your computer up to your sound system & it'll blast away
Using a tuner to help with intonation
by Andrea La Rose


10 Easy Ways To Optimize Your Music Practice
Memorization tips
How I memorize music
from Zara Lawler
Interview with… Claudio Barile
Principal flute and soloist of the Buenos Aires Philharmonic discusses his approach to memorization.
On Memorizing
by Jamey Andreas, guitarist
Sir James Galway's suggstions on memorization
Memory Map
"an approach to practice in which the performer writes down details in short-hand graphics, chord symbols, rhythmic stems, descriptive words or pictures—any type of notation–to trigger mental recall of a passage."

Music Dictionaries Online

British vs. American Musical Terms
Dolmetsch Online Music Dictionary
from Naxos Digital Services
Music Dictionary - downloadable to PDA
Musictionary - for iOS devices
Music Dictionary Online
"explains words and terms found in musical scores, in books and on web sites, in notes on CDs or concert programmes."
OnMusic Dictionary

Multiphonics, etc.

ABCs of Extended Techniques
Susan Maclagan offers an overview of an NFA masterclass
Extended Techniques Resource Page
conceived and developed by Robin Mason Horne
Graded Repertoire with Extended Techniques for unaccompanied Flute, Piccolo, Alto and Bass Flute
Courtesy of Helen Bledsoe
by Robert Dick
New Sounds for flute
Glissandi, Micro intervals, Multiphonics and more
The Virtual Boehm Flute
Click on any combination of keys and see what sounds you can make

Online scores

Andersen Etudes Online
Download your free copy of Andersen Etudes
Baroque Music Italia
"[M]usic from the 17:th and 18:th century, many of them not available in any other modern form." Free for non-commercial use. Composers include J.S., J.C. & C.P.E. Bach, Telemann, and many others. Individual works unfortunately sorted by date of upload instead of alphabetically.
Russian site with free bassoon & woodwind quintet scores
Flute duets - by Scarlatti, among others
Thanks to Matthew Taylor
Flute tunes
Tunes & midi files for beginner & intermediate flutists
Free flute music - as well as articles like "How to practice sight-reading"
Free online tunes to print out
Jennifer Cluff's collection of free music sites
Werner Icking Music Archive - The Sheet Music Archive contains free, ready-to-print sheet music, most in .pdf format.
Giovanni Lees - Italian language site of this pianist/composer with midi & pdf files available of his compositions for flute(s) and piano
Mark Perry's New Flute Music - PDF format available free for downloading
Online music scores - These links include only sites with scores that may be downloaded free ofcharge.
The Royal Library - Copenhagen, Denmark - amazing collection of .pdf files, all free for the downloading
Some by brand-name composers
Werner Icking Music Archive
ontains ready-to-print sheet music, most in the form of .pdf files
International Music Score Library Project
a virtual library containing all public domain musical scores, as well as scores from composers who are willing to share their music with the world without charge.
Bach Gesellschaft ausgabe
Public domain nonets
Public domain quartets
Public domain quintets
Public domain septets
Public domain sextets
Kuhlau flute oeuvre
From the Danish Royal Library
The Lester S. Levy Collection of Sheet Music
Over 29,000 pieces of American popular music. A search for flute returned 300+ entries.
The Maine Music Box
a flagship music access site, created through a collaboration of the Bagaduce Music Lending Library, Blue Hill, Bangor Public Library, and the University of Maine’s Fogler Library
Royalty-free music. Everything from Aadler to Zöschinger
The Mutopia project
The Mutopia Project offers sheet music . . . based on editions in the public domain.
Carl Nielsen Edition
Music scores of selected works by Carl Nielsen are available for free download from the Danish Royal Library. Includes his flute concerto.
New York Philharmonic archives
Fabulous resource for orchestral parts, including Shostakovich's Festive Overture.
Online music scores
These links include only sites with scores that may be downloaded free of charge.
Orchestral parts
Ignaz Pleyel Early Editions
From the University of Iowa -- including chamber works with flute, strings, etc.
Public Domain and Creative Commons: A Guide to Works You Can Use Freely
Click on the sources link you'll find the gold. There is also a well-thought-out discussion of what constitutes public domain material for those interested.
Public Domain Flute Works
Schirmer partial perusal scores
"SchirmerOnDemand allows anyone to view scores from its vast catalog of works by some of the 20th and 21st centuries' greatest
composers...allows users, with one-time free registration, to instantly view the scores online and in most cases print them out for perusal." -- "500 scores are currently ready to view"
Score Online
Public domain scores from Bach to Garibali
Sheet Music Consortium
a group of libraries working toward the goal of building an open collection of digitized sheet music using the Open Archives Initiative:Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI:PMH).
Sibley Music Library - search by composer name
Eastman School of Music
Sousa parts
From the Library of Congress. Make sure to read the copyright link at <>. That page also has a couple interesting articles to read.

Practicing & Teaching Resources

| Articulation | Breathing | Computer tools | Finger technique | Fingerings |
| Miscellany | Pedagogy | Piccolo pointers | Practicing | Repertoire | Sight ReadingTone studies | Vibrato |

Articulation links
provided by Jen Cluff
Phrasing & articulation
From Scroll down the page to find out what all those pesky accent marks mean.
Playing with "Pop"
Nina Perlove's take on diaphram kicks in articulation
Circular Breathing
Helen Bledsoe video
Computer Tools
Amazing Slow-downer
for MAC computers. "Allows you to slow down any music without changing the pitch."
Flute Fingering Font
Not free. The manual on how to use your keyboard in making fingerings is here.
Online Metronome
For those of you looking for a free metronome & having a computer hookup in your practice room.
Transcribe - an assistant for working out a piece of music from a recording, including the ability to slow down the music without changing its pitch
Finger technique
101 Uses for Scales
by Mary C.J. Byrne, Ph.D., Victoria (Canada) Conservatory of Music
Finger position corrector
From Expanded Musical Concepts - they also publish obbligati for hymns and carols and transcriptions of works by Dvorak, Cui and others
Practicing scales & arpeggios
by Wissam Boustany
Technique help!
by Robert J. Billington
Tension in the hands: a wholistic approach
by Jonathan Brahms
Alternate flute fingerings
Fourth octave
Altès's alternate fingerings for fast passages
Auxiliary piccolo fingerings - from John Krell
C# trill uses
Flute and Piccolo Fingerings
Basic flute fingering chart, Fingerings above C4, Alternate flute fingerings and more.
Flute fingering charts
For smartphones. Fingerings, trill fingerings, alternate fingerings and more.
Flute fingering generator
Courtesy of Nestor Herszbaum. Be sure to read the "Help" file first.
Flute Fingerings for old-style flutes
Fingering for the (tenor) renaissance flute, one-key flutes, trill chart for one-key flutes, Altès' chart of fingerings to facilitate execution and alter pitch (notes sensible) on the Boehm flute, and more.
Flute fingerings on the web
Graphic images of flute fingerings courtesy of Google
Trill Fingerings
Trill Fingerings
Trill fingerings
1st through 4th octaves for flute and piccolo from (donate if you can)
The Woodwind Fingering Guide
Recorder, Charanga, Shakuhachi, and more
Flute Books
A list from Victoria Jicha (Wheaton College Conservatory) and Larry Krantz
Begins with how to get a good sound from just your headjoint.
Flute Secrets
FLUTE list postings on articulation, hand position, etc. that I've collected over the years
Getting to the second octave
Patricia George
How to be(come) a good teacher
What makes a great teacher
Jennifer Cluff
Articles for flute teachers on How to teach the Flute
Jennifer Cluff
Matthew Taylor's Learnfunflute
All kinds of pedagogical tools including Accompaniments for Taffanel & Gaubert excercise #4 (mp3 format) — available at mm. at 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, and 120 in 16ths. Thanks to Matthew Taylor who says, "There is also one at 160bpm if your an absolute show off smarty bum."; and Flute flash cards — with note names, fingerings and notation.
Teaching four-year-old Katelyn to play the flute
from Blocki Flute Method
Teaching the Adult Student
Teaching trills
by Nathan Zalman
Throat Tuning
Part 1; Part 2; Part 3. Extremely helpful youtube videos from Robert Dick.
Piccolo pointers
Alternate piccolo fingerings
Christina Beard
John Krell
Cleaning the piccolo embouchure hole
Courtesy of Janet Kinmonth
Piccolo cork placement
from Dan Colburn, USAF Band, D.C. Retired
Piccolo intonation exercises
by Kate Prestia Schaub
Piccolo questions
From the wondrous Jennifer Cluff
How Many Hours a Day Should You Practice?
by Dr. Noa Kageyama from the Bullet-proof Musician (unfortunately kinda violent, but a website chock full of good information). This particular link compares mindless and mindful practicing & offers a list of things to concentrate on for the latter
Improving Technique
By Patricia George
from Steven Peters
An excellent resource including a "Scales Board Game" and more
The Practice Notebook
a blog by Zara Lawler
Practice components
by flutist/composer Peter J. Bacchus, flute professor at the Barcelona Conservatory
Practice religiously or parish (pun intended?)
Leonard Garrison
Practice time
by Trishia Craig (GBFA Gazette article)
Practicing above C4
by Shelley Collins
Practicing Tips and Stuff
Angela's Flute Page - the main page is hard to read but the practicing page is good.
S.M.A.R.T. practicing
Summer Practicing
from Jennifer Cluff
Taffanel & Gaubert - John Wion's approach to practicing
When practicing alone isn't enough
Wall Street Journal article by Corinna da Fonseca-Wollheim about Noa Kageyama whose blog, The Bulletproof Musician, uses principles developed to toughen up tennis pros . . . to help musicians cope with the intense pressure of solo performance.
Alto and Bass Flute Resources
from Chris Potter, D.M.A.
Andersen Etudes, opus 15
English translations of the Italian expressive subtitles from Barbara Hopkins
Andersen sequence
Kincaid's sequence for studying Andersen's etudes
Annotated Bibliography of Double Wind Quintet Music
Created and maintained by Catherine Gerhart
Backing tracks
Midi versions of the accompaniment of commonly studied pieces like Faure's Pavane, Gluck's Blessed Spirits, etc.
Baroque style
Thoughts from Rachel Brown & Daniel Pyle
Jeanne Baxtresser's lessons learned
Notes from a masterclass taken by Susan Maclagan
Learning Berio's Sequenza
by Robert Dick
Celtic Music for Flute
compiled by Jennifer Cluff
"Contemporary" flute works
I say contemporary because some of the pieces on this list are almost 100 years old. It's drawn from the rep list for the SoundScape summer program in Italy.
Density 21.5
"Varèse's Explication of Debussy's Syrinx in Density 21.5 and An Analysis of Varèse's Composition: A Secret Model Revealed," The Music Review 43/2 (1982): 121-134. - by Carol Baron. Search for the second "Density" on the page for the link to the article.
Density 21.5 by Varèse - by Robert Dick
Robert Dick videos
10,000 hours - an interview with Robert Dick. From the website: "Robert Dick and James Ilgenfritz discuss Dick’s early development as an innovative performer on the flute."
Fish are jumpin' cadenza tips
Sliding life blues - with his glissando headjoint
Online instruction
These are videos in which Robert teaches classical repertoire. Quoting him, "The students are some wonderfully talented high school flutists from the New York City area.
Doppler duet with Jean-Pierre Rampal & Julius Baker on the Dick Cavett show
Watch for some stellar ensemble work, finger position & breathing technique & finally settling the flutist/flautist debate
Ibert Concerto, first movement
Mozart Concert in D, first movement
Hindemith Flute Sonata
by Katherine Hoover
Karg-Elert Caprices
By Patricia George
Klezmer vs. Sephardic music
by Adrianne Greenbaum
Messaien's Merle Noir
Blackbird sound clip
Errata in the solo flute part of Jules Mouquet's "La Flute de Pan"
by Matt Johnston
Mozart K. 314, a.k.a. Concerton in D
Performance suggestions form John Wion.
Opera tunes for flute
mp3 files
Le Grand Répertoire de la flûte de B. Pierreuse
"Indispensable" catalog of flute chamber works. Link is to MAC CD, but print & Windows CD available
The Repertoire Catalogue for Piccolo, Alto Flute and Bass Flute
The above link is to nformation about the book. Compiled by Peter van Munster, the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. His supplement to the piccolo book is here.
Repertoire suggestions from Jen Cluff
Everything from Baroque to extended techniques.
Important historical information courtesy of Trevor Wye and thoughtful commentary from Robert Dick.
Teaching Telemann Fantasie No. 1
By Rachel Brown
Works for flute and viola
Thanks to Clifford Nieweg
How to practice sightreading
Sight reading by Betty Stone
Tone studies
Embouchure flexibility exerciese with a bottle
Youtube video
Harmonic Roll
a video demonstrating Bill McBirnie's tone exercise.
Diaphragm to throat vibrato
by Richard D. Billington
From John Wion


Helen Bledsoe's blog
Everything from acoustics to yoga
Characteristics of Musical Keys
The article "contains a selection of information from the Internet about the emotion or mood associated with musical keys. It is not complete nor does it include information found only in print sources."
From C to shining C (4) Chromatic Scale (8th notes) in triplets in Dr. John's publications
Circle of fifths graphic
"Best practices in the fair use of copyrighted materials in music scholarship"
.pdf file from the American Musicological Society.
Copyright Explained Musically
Short music video that helps sort out copyright rules & regulations using a really catchy tune.
Copyright Term and the Public Domain in the United States 1 January 2012
This chart was first published in Peter B. Hirtle, "Recent Changes To The Copyright Law: Copyright Term Extension," Archival Outlook, January/February 1999. This version is current as of 1 January 2012. The most recent version is found at
Public Domain and Creative Commons: A Guide to Works You Can Use Freely
Courtesy of Tammy Ravas, Visual and Performing Arts Librarian and Media Coordinator Assistant Professor, University of Montana.
Teaching copyright
Helping us all understand it
Does material affect tone quality in woodwind instruments?: Why scientists and musicians just can�t seem to agree
Bret Pimental
Errata in flute music
Errata in Trevor Wye's practice books
Published flute music errata
From John Wion
Fingering Diagram Builder
Fabulous free tool for putting fingerings into your electronic documents. From the prolific Bret Pimental.
Flute Spa with Patricia George
FLUTE list posting by Susan Maclagan (used with permission)
FLUTE listserv pages
Thank you, Larry Krantz. See also
Innovative ideas in performance and pedagogy
This useful site, created by Laura Lentz and others, includes areas devoted to creativity, entrepreneurship, pedagogy and wellness, to name but a few, in addition to tips for flutists.
Johann Joachim Quantz's Five Lessons
Poem by W.S. Graham. Thanks to Christopher Krueger, director University of Massachusetts Amherst Flute Studio
Manuscript paper
.pdf file Adobe Acrobat Reader required. Available here.
Marlene Metz Hartzler's bolg on practicing & keeping kids inspired
Musical symbols (and their interpretation)
Enables parents, students and musicians to find music teachers, music schools and music lessons anywhere in the United States by zip code.
"Of the Standard of Taste"
originally published in 1757 by David Hume (1711-1776), one of the most important of the British empiricists, philosophers.
Performing Arts Encyclopedia
from the Library of Congress
Practice log
Only for PCs (i.e. no Mac version) "a program for tracking the time that you spend doing an activity. This could be anything that you want a log of; like practicing a musical instrument, studying, excersising, working or sleeping."
Positive Reinforcement: A self-instructional exercise
teaches the concept of positive reinforcement
Quantz tuner
"a suite of real-time, interactive, data-driven music visualization tools that respond to sound." There's a free online version.
Rhythm Help
Rockstro online
In the 19th century Richard Rockstro devised an alternative way of holding the flute. Here are two links to online versions of part of his book A treatise on the flute
Rockstro on holding the flute
Rockstro on tone
Scale routine
Five note pattern from Sir James Galway
Schubert's Trockne Blumen translation
Sheet music available for free
modern editions of a lot of music from the 17th and 18th century, in .pdf format from Johan Tufvesson.
Tips for flute
from Diane Boyd Schultz, Associate Professor at Stephen F. Austin State University: The "Art" in articulation, Piccolo FAQ, and more.
Tips for the Preparation of Contemporary Flute Music
by Helen Bledsoe (available in English and German)
A tuner to run on your computer
Youtube videos of flute pieces
Paul Taffanel "Francesca da Rimini" Fantasie - Juergen Franz, flute, Thomas Haberlah, piano

Program notes

For Dr. John's program notes, see my recital page
notes in .pdf format, which requires Adobe Acrobat reader
The Concert Programmes Project Online Database
from the International Association of Music Libraries
Used the advanced search function to find liner notes.
Finding Online Program Notes
By Paul T. Jackson -- Trescott Research
Immaculata Symphony
Orchestral literature
Music Program Notes for Band and Wind Ensemble Music
"ordered by composer, of the program notes and biographies generated for use in programs for performances of the Foothill College Symphonic Wind Ensemble," Los Altos Hills, CA
If you're having a hard time tracking down info, this site not only gives birth & death dates where available, but also lists reference works (sometimes with page numbers!) where informtion can be found. I find that searching for last name only helps.
Sierra Chamber Society
Program notes by Joseph Way


Dolmetsch online
A comprehensive list ot topics from Staff, Cleff & Pitch Notation to Counterpoint
Duke Journal of Music Theory
Fundamental principles of scale/chord relationships
from Bill McBirnie
The Music Theory Song
Thanks to David Rakowski and friends.
Music Composition Theory
A blog several years old, but with some pretty choice information.
Macromedia Flash Player 6.0r65 or higher is required to view the content. Lessons from staves to neopolitan chords, quizzes (Ricci calls them trainers) on identifiying notes, keys, intervals, etc., and "utilities" like chord calculators (you pick the key & the root & it displays the chord on a keyboard)
Seven levels of lessons from time signatures, key signatures, major scales and intervals, to figured bass, 7th chords and more. Lesson 7 certificate awards the user "UCAS points (UK university entrance points)." According to the site's creator, Victoria Williams, a graduate of The University of Leeds, "you can download PDF versions of everything on the site (and more) if you prefer to work with a pen and paper."
Society of Music Theory
a very helpful listserv
Theory books for youngsters
recommended by Jen Cluff

Writing cadenzas

Fish are Jumpin' cadenza tips
This FLUTE listserv posting specifically about the FAJ cadenza also includes general tips for cadenza creation
Peter Lloyd
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