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Flutist homepages

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Robert Aitken
Canadian flutist/composer The LIving Composers Project bio is here
Barbara Allen
Proponent of Aesthetic Realism.
Joseph Henri Altès
Sarah Kruser Ambrose
Adjunct instructor of flute at Georgia State University, Atlanda, GA
Sara Andon
University of Redlands prof and picc player on the Star Trek: Picard intro music.s
Chenoa Anderson
Canadian flutist, member of Das Chicas, "a Canadian trio dedicated to contemporary and theatrical music"
Ian Anderson
Jethro Tull
Jacqueline Aronowitz
Redlands, CA
Pierre-Yves Artaud
Contemporary specialist
Martin Auza
Spanish-language site.
Lars Asbjørnsen
on the faculty of the Wiesbaden Academy of Music
Kristin Bacchiocchi Stewart
Facebook page.
Peter Bacchus
Wayback archive. American flutist and composer, lived and taught at the music conservatory in Barcelona. 1954-2016.
Aldo Baerten
Principal Flutist with the Royal Flemish Philharmonic
Don Bailey
John Barcellona
Flute Professor California State University at Long Beach
John Wesley Barker
Flutist, composer, jack of many trades

Sam Baron online links
B. Duffie, Flutist Samuel Baron
L. Garrison, Samuel Baron
A. Kozinn, Samuel Baron, Flutist and Conductor
Laura Barron
faculty member at the Northern Arizona University
Tim Barsky
Hip-hop flutist
Andrea Bartelucci
Jazz flutist and composer. Facebook page.
Christine E. Beard
Instructor of Flute & Music Theory, University of Nebraska, Omaha
Julien Beaudiment
Flutist with the Opéra de Lyon
Lori Bell
from Bach to Bebop
William Bennett
He studied in London with Geoffrey Gilbert, and in France with Jean-Pierre Rampal and Marcel Moyse.
Emily Beynon
Principal flute of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Amsterdam
Philippe Bernold
Professor at CNSM de Lyon
Emily Beynon
Welsh flutist
Sharon Bezaly
Israili flutist of some distinction
Robert Bigio
"[B]orn in the Middle East but grew up in Vancouver, Canada, he received a BMus from the University of British Columbia before coming to Britain [obtaining] a PhD from the University of London." This website includes articles on flutists, the history & development of the flute, and links to flute makers, in addition to a list of books by Dr. Bigio. Home also of a very interesting page of early flute recordings from Christopher Steward's collection from as early as 1899.
Robert David Billington
Canadian-born flutist, author of A Description and Application of Robert Aitken's Concept of the Physical Flute.
Bonnie Blanchard
Seattle-based flutist
Helen Bledsoe
first prize winner at the Gaudeamus International Interpreter’s Competition in 1996, active as a soloist, ensemble player, teacher, improviser and author
Magnus Irving Båse
Swedish flutist who has invented an "intonation slide" headjoint
Denis Bouriakov
Wissam Boustany
and his Toward Humanity initiative.
Andrea Brachfeld
jazz flutist
Jonathan Brahms
Fernando Brandão
Cindy Anne Broz
Zdenek Bruderhans - Austria
Facebook page.
David Buck
Principal flutist, Oregon Symphony
Leone Buyse
Professor of Flute and Chamber Music, Director of Graduate Studies, Rice University
Elizabeth Buck
Associate Professor of Flute at Arizona State University
Michelle Caimotto
principal flutist of the Festival Opera and West Bay Opera Orchestras, piccoloist of the California Symphony and a member of the Symphony Silicon Valley
Altamiro Carrilho
Brazilian flutist, Portuguese language site with annoying pop up windows
Orlando Cela
Founder of Soria Chamber Players, former Music Director of Willow Flute Ensemble
Tadeu Coelho
University of Iowa School of Music
Lambros Demetrios Callimahos
the first flute soloist to perform a full-length recital in Carnegie Hall
Bob Chadwick
Classically trained flutist who plays jazz & improvises
Beth Chandler
Assistant Professor of Flute at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia
Clair Chase
2012 MacArthur Genius Grant recipient. Executive director and founder of the international contemporary ensemble in Chicago
Michelle Cheramy
Associate Professor of Music, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
Stephen Clark
Prize-winning Scottish flutist.
Ian Clarke
English flutist.
Jennifer Cluff
Canadian flutist and teacher
Valerie Coleman
Flutist with Imani winds
Kim Collins
New England, USA-based flutist.
Shelley Collins
University of Colorado doctoral student, conductor of ALRY flute choir
John W. Coltman
a physicist and retired research executive of the Westinghouse Electric Corporation,has devoted much of his spare time to the study of the flute in its musical, historical and acoustical aspects.
Michael Colquhoun (b. 1953)
currently active as a solo recitalist, as Music Director of the Latin Music Ensemble Los Caribes, and as Adjunct Professor of Music at Canisius College, Buffalo, NY
Gonzalo Cortéz
 formerly Principal Flute of the Classical Orchestra of Santiago, Chile. Currently teaches in Hartford, CT
Timothy Day
Teaches at the San Francisco Conservatory
Abbie de Quant
Dutch flutist, student of Gazzelloni
Brooks de Wetter-Smith
The music & photography of BDWS.
Tilmann Dehnhard
Tilmann studied flute and saxophone at Hochschule der Kunste Berlin. He works as a freelance musician and composer. He lives in Berlin.
Alexis Del Palazzo
"[A] private teacher and freelance artist residing in Carlisle, PA" This is a link to her blog, "The Sensible Flutist."
John Devitt
Irish born flutist presently living and working in the Netherlands.
Robert Dick
Robert Dick, Speaking of Music at the Exploratorium in 1990 (February 1, 1990)
Alicia DiDonato
Assistant principal flutist of the Oregon Symphony
Natacha Diels
flutist/composer. Founder of Pamplemousse Productions Inc.
Roberto Dillon
Links to the world of Music and Chess
Louise diTullio
Fabulous player who's featured on the sound track to several films.
Wendell Dobbs
Professor of Music at Marshall University. Unfortunately the way this page is set up, you need to click on his link to get the pop-up window outlining his background. To quote therefrom: "Each June, he serves as the director of the annual Timber Flute Festival in Elkins, West Virginia."
Julie Donato
Clifford Dun
Electro-acoustic flutist and composer
Michelle Dunn
"multi-genre flutist/composer, fluent in the areas of classical, rock, jazz, R&B, gospel, folk, and world music"
Rebecca Dunnell
Assistant Professor of Flute, Northwest Missouri State University, Maryville, MO
Tacy Edwards
Piccoloist and third flutist of the Charleston Symphony Orchestra and is the flute instructor at the College of Charleston
Richard Egues
Lior Eitan
Links to artists & homepage do not work as of 03/Jan/2008
Nicole Esposito
University of Iowa professor.
Pedro Eustache
Multidirectional Flute/Winds soloist-Composer
Evesham Flute Studio
Run by Renae Block in Marlton, NJ
Laura Falzon
New York City-based. Artistic director of ISSA Sonus ensemble, performs and premieres many new works, Adjunct Flute faculty at Columbia University.
Kathy Farmer
Principal flutist of the Dekalb Symphony and piccoloist of the Georgia Philharmonic.
Jean Ferrandis
French "flutist, conductor, musician."
Sherry Finzer
Phoenix (AZ) flutist.
Don Fishel
Principal flutist with Dexter Community Orchestra in Dexter, Michigan
Andrea Fisher aka Fluterscooter
American flutist who also plays piano/keyboards/organ, Indian and Japanese flutes, and produces/arranges/ writes original music and has her own line of flute bags.
John Fonville
dedicated to extending the language and technique of the flute and Chairman of the Music Department at University of California at San Diego.
Andy Findon
London session player . Here's another link I found for him.
Jean Ferrandis
Péter Födesi
Hungarian flutist
Cynthia Folio
Associate Professor of Music Theory at Temple University's Esther Boyer College of Music, composes music as well
Rhonda Benson Ford
Fingering chart, index to Flute Talk & Flutist Quarterly (in MS Works for windows format), and more
Davide Formisano
Flute solo at the Teatro Alla Scala and at the Filarmonica della Scala
Jürgen Franz
German flutist
Erinn Elyse Frechette
Piccolo/Third Flute in the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra
Frederick II (aka "the Great") of Prussia
Paul Fried
Solo flute with the New West Symphony - Los Angeles CA
Benoît Fromanger
Professor at the Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler in Berlin. Facebook page
Emilio Galante
Italian flutist
Jimmy Galway's Flute Page
Leonard Garrison
Assistant Professor of Flute and Aural Skills at in the Lionel Hampton School of Music at The University of Idaho. His interesting page includes a chronology of 20th century flute pieces. Unfortunately does not include publisher information.
Sue Garton
Flute Keys Studio, Champaign, IL
Pannalal Ghosh
Wizard of the Bansuri (bamboo flute)
Geoffrey Gilbert
Not accessible to the visually handicapped (site uses frames without a no frames alternative).
John Gibson
Occasionally offers free music for download
Iwona Glinka
Polish-born flutist living in Greece
Amal Gochenour
Piccolist with the Baltimore Symphony Orchesra
Irena Grafenauer
Matej Grahek
Principal flutist of the Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra
Marcos Granados
Melissa Grey
MIchigan-based flutist. Principal flute, Ann Arbor Civic Band; 1st flute, Michigan Flute Orchestra; Flute, Southeast Michigan Flute Choir
Alexandra Grot
Russian-born flutist.
Christina Guenther
Assistant professor of flute at Stephen F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches, Texas
Vanessa Gunter (per her request, link removed due to web site content theft)
a member of the New Sigmund Romberg Orchestra (GA) and has performed with the Atlanta Opera Orchestra, the Columbus Symphony Orchestra,and the Augusta Symphony Orchestra
Tina Hadley
Principal flutist of the Salt Lake Symphony. PDF file.
Yvonne Chavez Hansbrough
Teaches at The College of Saint Rose, Albany, NY
Marlene Metz Hartzler
Galena, Ohio. She maintains a blog on practicing & keeping kids inspired.
Patricia Harper
Alexandra Hawley
Skip Healy
Irish flutist
Claudia Haider
German flutist who has a very comprehensive German-language page that lists many composers and their works, etc. The English-language "mirror" is less comprehensive, but, then, how much German do you see on my page?
Lois Bliss Herbine
flutist with Philadelphia's critically acclaimed Orchestra 2001
Nestor Herszbaum
Principal Flute with the Kansas City Symphony Orchestra and author of Alternative Fingerings for the Flute
Kim Hickey
Facebook page. sA flutist who has "pursued music that was off the beaten path," commissioning works, performing in professional orchestras, conducting, etc.
Camilla Hoitenga
Born in Grand Rapids, MI, lives in Cologne.
Hiroaki Honshuku
simultaneous graduate from Berklee College of Music and New England Conservatory. He received Summa Cum Laude for his Diploma of Music at Berklee as a performance major. He received Academic Honors and Distinction in Performance for his Master of Music at New England Conservatory as a Jazz Composition major.
Barbara Hopkins
a nationally recognized flutist who performs in symphonies and recitals
Gaspar Hoyos
French-language site. Former Pappoutsakis Competition winner, among other things.
Lars Johannesson
Swedish flutist living in California
Ona Jonaityte
Prize-winning Lithuanian flutist living in Boston.
Jeffrey Kahner
Kristen Kean
Flute teacher at Eastern Kentucky University
Jennifer Keeney
currently a member of The River Oaks Chamber Orchestra and Trio Angelico in Houston, TX
Christina Kelsh
Karen Kevra
"Grammy-nominee Karen Kevra has won attention as one of the country's outstanding flutists."
Linn Kezer
Katherine Kemler
Professor of Flute, Louisiana State University
Nora Kile
Faculty associate, Cadek Conservatory, Chatanooga, Tennessee
Betsy Ko
Private and group flute instruction in Chicago since 1994
Melissa Krause
Assistant Professor of Music at St. Cloud State University, MN
Sefika Kutluer
Turkish flutist
Prema Kesselman
Ilona Kudina
Latvian flutist freelancer and educator in Boston
Anne La Berge
Presently lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Tip Lamberson
Iowa flute maker
Margaret Lancaster
"She has a large repertoire of contemporary flute works composed specifically for her, that employ extended techniques, dance, drama, multi-media, and electronics." (From the website.)
Bill & Beth Larsen
A Facebook page.
Grey Larsen
author of The Essential Guide to Irish Flute and Tin Whistle and The Essential Tin Whistle Toolbox
Rhonda Larson
Grammy award winning flutist.
Zara Lawler
flutist, interdisciplinary performer, performance coach
Eleanor Lawrence
and from the NY Times.
Steven F. LeBrun
Yerin Lee
Korean flutist with extensive study in France.
Claude Lefebvre
Solist at the Orchestre National de l'Opéra de Paris, Professor at the CNR de Paris
Catherine LeGrand
Among her many activities is playing with the Superior Festival Orchestra in Marquette, MI
Jane Lenoir
Classically trained jazz flutist
Inna Leoni
2008 Carnegie Hall Debut (New York) and other prizes
Erin Lesser
Canadian flutist. Now flute professor @ my alma mater, Lawrence University.
Amy Likar
Certified Andover Educator
Herbert Lindholm
Finnish composer, flutist and webmaster
Melissa Lindon
Yoga teacher & flutist based in Maryland, U.S.A.
A. Lish Lindsay
NYC area flutist/piccolist
Peter Lloyd
Karen Lonsdale
Australian flutist who studied there & in Germany. She has recorded on film soundtracks and is is solo flute and vocalist with the cabaret ensemble of the Queensland Orchestra, X-Collective.
Lisa Lorenzino
Jazz flutist. Member of the Montreal Jazz Flute Summit.

Phyllis Avidan Louke
principal flute with Oregon Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra and Oregon Symphonic Band, and Music Director of Rose City Flute Choir
Vincent Lucas
Concertist, Professor at the Conservatoire Supérieur de Paris and at the CNSM of Paris
Linda Lukas
San Francisco Symphony flutist
Brian A. Luce
University of Arizona flute professor
Benjamin Macdougall
the youngest player ever to give a recital at a British Flute Society International Convention
Herbie Mann
Göran Marcusson
Official homepage of the Swedish flute player
Bill McBirnie
Jazz flutist
Pamela McElwain-Brown

Terry McGee
musical instrument maker and repairer, musician, broadcaster and recording engineer.
Ned McGowan
Mark Takeshi McGower
Canadian flutist & "a musician of 'huge physical energy,' flutist Mark Takeshi McGregor has been lauded by the press as ' mind-blowing' and 'verging on the superhuman'.'" to quote his bio.
Wendy Mehne
Professor of Flute, Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY
Luís Meireles
Portuguese flutist. Flute professor at Oporto Music Conservatoir.
Miyazawa artists
Amity Mitchell
Mats Möller
Mats Möller is a Swedish flautist, with more than 20 years of experience as freelance in symphonic and opera orchestras
Sixto Montesinos
a music education major at the Moores School of Music of the University of Houston
Elizabeth Möst
Munich-based German flutist. Sister of Cleveland Orchestra conductor Franz Welser-Möst
Susan Murphy
Co-founder of the newEar ensemble.
Carlos Nakai
Native American flutist/composer
Conor Nelson
Canadian flutist
James Newton
Composer, flutist, conductor.
Stephen Nichols
Jazz flutist in New Zealand
Christine Nield
Former Adjunct Assistant Professor (Flute), University of Miami, FL She died 26.April.2007
Chris Norman
Flute made and played.
Amy O'Neill
London, Ontario, Canada
Wil Offermans
Dutch contemporary specialist
Emmanuel Pahud
Eleonore Pameijer
one of Europe's pre-eminent flutists (to quote the website)
Eddie Parker
Jazz flutist
Hermeto Pascoal
English Wikipedia article. A "prolific musician and composer who transcends category"
James Pellerite
James Pellerite succeeded his teacher William Kincaid as solo flutist in the Philadelphia Orchestra. He has performed under eminent conductors like Bernstein, Casals, Mariner, Mitropoulos, Ormandy, Stokowski, and Stravinsky. Since retirement, he has taken up study of the Native American flute.
Erica Peel
Omaha Chamber Music Society flutist
Nina Perlove
Flute, Music History professor at Northern Kentucky University. Also available on Youtube.
Trygve Peterson
former flute professor at Arizona State University.
Keith Pettway
Among other things, owner of Flutenet, a discussion group for flutists of all abilities and ages
Marina Piccinini
flute professor at Peabody Conservatory, Baltimore, MD
Philippe Pierlot
French-language Wikipedia article. Solo flute of the Orchestre National de France, professor at CNR of Rueil-Malmaison
Kim Pineda
Music director of Baroque Northwest
Amy Porter
Chris Potter
Flute professor at University of Colorado at Denver. Author of Selected Repertoire for Alto Flute, Seven Steps to Better Intonation, etc.
Angela Purll
organist and performing musician (including flute) from the South East of England
Jean-Pierre Rampal
Maria Ramey
he first call import flutist with the Bakersfield Symphony, the Palos Verdes/Peninsula Symphony and the Tulare County Symphony. She also plays piccolo with the Culver City Symphony, the Marina del Rey Summer Symphony and the Carson City Symphony.
John Ranck
2nd flute/piccolo with the Franklin Performing Arts Company's annual Nutcracker. Formerl  principal flute with the Melrose (MA) Symphony Orchestra (2004-2014).
Dennis Rawley
Piccoloist with the Denver Pops Orchestra, Denver, Colorado
John Rayworth's
Stephanie Rea
Associate Professor of Music, Murray University, KY
Carla Reese
alto and bass flute specialist
Rebecca Remley
Assistant Professor of Music, Samford University, Birmingham, Alabama
Althea Rene
High-end section, in Flash, scrolling doesn't work in Mozilla-based browsers.
Felix Renggli
Swiss flutist who specializes in contemporary music
Bridget Rennie-Salonen
University of Cape Town: College of Music, Cape Town, South Africa
Debbie Reynolds
Canadian flutist. "[G]raduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Music (Honours) and a Masters degree in Music from McGill University. . . and. . . maintains a flute studio in Hudson, Quebec (near Vaudreuil, Dorion, St.Lazare, Rigaud, Pincourt, Hawkesbury, Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue.
Geri Rizzo
Mackenzie Robinson
Patty Rohr
"flutist/harpist, . . . performing classical, early and Celtic music."
Wendy Rolfe
Professor of Flute, Berklee School of Music
Thies Roorda
Emeritus flutist of the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra Hilversum, The Netherlands
Joseph Rose
President and Principal Flautist of the Fanfare Concert Winds
Kailan Rubinoff
Associate Professor of Musicology, University of North Carolina at Greensboro. B.A. in Music, University of Pennsylvania, Performance Certificate and Second Phase diploma in historical performance (Baroque and Classical flute), Conservatorium van Amsterdam, Ph.D in Music from the University of Alberta.
Maxim Rubtsov
Principal flute with the Russian National Orchestra
John Phillip Rush
Facebook page. Modern, Baroque and Renaissance flutist
Ali Ryerson
Jazz flutist
Elaine Saloio
Teaches at Westfield State University, Holyoke Community College, Springfield Technical Community College, and The Community Music School of Springfield in Massachusetts
Nancy Schneeloch-Bingham
Appalachian State University, Boone, NC
Kathryn Scarbrough
Gary Schocker
David Shostac
Principal flutist with the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra and on the faculty of California State University at Northridge and the Henry Mancini Institute.
Kerry Shaffer
a Middle Tennessee Flute Teacher
Carol Shansky
 Mark Shepard's Flute page
Lots of good pedagogy links, but the fingering charts only go up to C4.
Meerenai Shim
an active performer and teacher in the San Francisco Bay Area
Emily Skala
Principal flute, Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
Marenglen Skendo
freelance flute player based in Boston MA, performs Jazz, Latin and Clasical music with different bands in New England
Fenwick Smith
Former second flute with the Boston Symphony Orchestra
Joshua Smith
Principal Flute, Cleveland Orchestra
Laurie Sokoloff
Piccolist with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
Joan Sparks
Wilmington, DE flutist.
Patricia Spencer
Contemporary specialist. Facebook page.
Helen Spielman
Nancy Stagnitta
Interlochen summer session teacher, Interlochen, MI
Stefani Starin
Member of NewBand & teaches at Montclair State University (NJ), the Masters School, The Music Conservatory of Westchester
Verena Steffen
Teaches at the Musikschule der Stadt Zug
Alexa Still
Mimi Stillman
Young Concert Artist, etc.
David Summer
Flutist and trumpeter (!)
Caen Thomason-Redus
UWM Assistant Professor of Flute
John Thorne
Associate Professor, Flute, Northwestern University
Raffaele Trevisani
Italian flutist. Due to low contrast, the links are difficult to read.
Maryann Tu
Linked in page of this flute-playing consultant @ an NYC bank
Keith Underwood
Alexander Viazovtsev
Siberian flutist, principal flute, Las Vegas Philharmonic, and Nagahara flute player.
Peter Verhoyen
Principal piccolo 'Royal Flemish Philharmonic'
Jan Vinci
Artist in residence at Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY
Melissa Voshell
M.M. from Peabody and one of my former students
Mihoko Watanabe
Flute professor, University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh
Mark Weinstein
Jazz flutist - now also home of " Jazz flute tips"
David Weiss
a New York City based musician, specializes in performing on flutes and
woodwinds from many different cultures, including American and Celtic
flutes & whistles, panpipes, recorders, Asian and Middle Eastern woodwinds.
Brad White
Creator of, featuring a history of the instrument, recordings and photographs of Hawaii
Joanna Cowan White
Flute professor, Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, MI
Michelle Willis
Ransom Wilson
Carol Wincenc
Sharon Winton
Co-founder Lark Chamber Players (flute, violin, cello trio).
John Wion
Home of flute compositions' timing (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader), vibrato article, and more, including his "corner" that includes more helpful articles than you can shake your stick at.
Trevor Wye
Matthias Ziegler
Swiss flutist
Flutist Conductors


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