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All Flutes Plus
Europe's first specialist flute center
Classical, Rock, Rap and more. Articles, maps, glossary and top 500 classical composers listed.
Altieri Instrument Bags
You can now look up your instrument and read about the bag that covers it.
Amateur Chamber Music Players
Directories available of members from North America and internationally
Arco Baleno
Belgian ensemble with Peter Verhoyen, flute
"The source for classical recordings" (from web site)
"[D]edicated to free online bass guitar lessons for aspiring people who want to learn how to play bass." Free bass guitar lessons for different skill levels
Brazilian contemporary music
Category:Brazilian composers
A wikipedia listing of Brazilian composers.
The J.S. Bach Homepage

Canadian Women Composers
Clarinet, Saxophone, Flute, Double Reed Books and More
Debost's The Simple Flute, among others
Classical Net
Classical Music Informational Sites
cité de la musique
2020-06-19 This is a Wikipedia page. The link to the museum is broken, so I don't know if they're still in business or not. For the musical public that wants to find out about music outside of traditional concerts (French language)
Concert Programs
Database of concert programs from the 16th century to the present, collected in libraries in Great Britain
Ear Power
The ultimate in ear training software.
The Early Music Shop
The Early Music Shop was formed in 1968 at a time when early music, as we now know it, was in its infancy
Ear training software for Windows. Exercises in: Intervals, Chords, Scales, Melodies and Rhythms.
Electroacoustic music for solo flute
Be careful - some of the links, like Greg Boardman's A Lifetime in 9, are broken
GoferJoe's Cheap-O-Productions PVC Headjoint Case
Guitarplayer World
"We wish to provide our site visitors with relevant content and interesting information by listing useful resources in the directory of our sister-website" Bass Guitar Lessons (which features a flute section).
A History of Opera Theater
with thanks to Connie @ for finding this link.
History of Classical music, Jazz, a section on musical instruments, lesson plans for teachers, and more.
The International Society for Improvised Music
Instrument Jokes
Traditional music of Iraq
Traditional / folk songs for Iraq

Journal of Music & Meaning
an on-line peer-reviewed journal for multidisciplinary research on music and meaning.
Lark In The Morning
World Musical Instruments, Books, Recordings and Videos and articles about ethnic flutes
Herbert Lindholm's Home Page
Finnish music for flute - free samples!
Little Piper
an extensive library of flute music and publications
Material and obsolescence on flute quality
The effect of material and obsolescence on flute sound quality.
Catherine McMichael
Composer from Saginaw, Michigan.

Music Teachers National Association
Musicians Gallery
Profiles of musicians and related services worldwide. Many photos.
Musicians and Instrument Makers Forum
We exist to provide an interactive discussion forum for string instrument luthiers and makers of fine woodwinds, percussion, and experimental musical instruments.
National Boulevard Jazz Group
The Centre for New Zealand Music
Sales, composers, news and links
Norwegian Music Information Centre
Catalogs, address guide, biographies of Norwegian Composers
Perspectives of New Music
Pronunciation guides
Czech Language Pronunciation Guide
Operas and Composers: A Pronunciation Guide - (has a nifty audio feature but beware, some links (e.g. the first one) are broken & what?! no Poulenc?).
Pronouncing Dictionary of Music and Musicians© - from WOI radio - beware, however of their pronunciation suggestion for Poulenc, for example.
Remembering Al Weatherly
Renowned New York City flutist/repairman. New York Flute Club obit.
Scooby sax
Transcriptions of Jazz tunes courtesy of Jeff Rzepiela
J.L. Smith & Co.
Flute seller
Standing Stones
A wire-strung harp, nylon-strung harp, fiddle, flute, guitar, mandola, banjo and accordion combo. Traditional/Celtic music, and articles on Baroque performance practice.

Société des Concerts du Conservatoire
a great source for info on many famous French flutists from Tulou to Debost
The Suzuki Organization
The Schoenberg Code
a serial parody (in 12 chapters) of Dan Brown's best-selling novel The Da Vinci Code.
Tin whistle
Lesson Price Survey
Top Wind
Europe's Favorite Flute Shop
The House of Musical Traditions
instruments, accessories, recordings, & books from the U.S. and around the world, specializing in rare and exotic music
De Tre Fløjter
Danish flute trio and makers of wooden cases for flutes
The Trill in the Classical period
Classical music in Brazil.
PneumoPro Wind Director
The use of the PneumoPro Wind Director greatly simplifies the teaching of tone production.
Urban Legends Reference Pages: Music
True and not so true stories of pop musicians
John Wion's Errata
a source of reference for students seeking corrections to misprinted notes in published music. Includes Andersen: 24 Studies, Op 15; Bach: Sonata in C Major - Barenreiter edition; Bozza: Image;Chaminade: Concertino (L. Moyse edition) and many more pieces.
Wirkkala Designs
Custom case covers, etc.

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