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Flute odds-n-ends

Anatomy of the flute
Acoustics FAQ courtesy of Joe Wolfe, the University of New South Wales, Australia
A quick natomy of a head joint by Valerie Simosko
Lars' Baroque Flute Corner
Fingering charts, care & feeding and more.
Blackledge Woodwind Quintet
Broadway shows woodwind doubling
Thank you, Bret Pimentel!
Carnegie Hall Performance History
This exhaustively researched database contains records of 50,000 events, both musical and non-musical, that occurred in the public performance spaces of Carnegie Hall from its opening in 1891 to present. As of today, records spanning the period between 1891 and 1941 are now publicly available with more than 12,500 events covered. Additional data will be released on a regular basis.
Charanga Sites
Danilo Lozano
Charanga specialist
Mongo Santamaria
first Charanga band in NYC
Cincinnati Fluteworks
Facebook page. Helpful articles on shopping for flutes, etc.
The Complete Guide to the Flute
the most comprehensive source of information available today about flute repair, construction, acoustics and maintenance from Burkart/Phelan
The Complex Flute
designed by Istvan Matuz, improved by Julian Elvira. It can be played as a regular Boehm flute, but it also enables quarter-tones, multiphonics, and sound vocabularly of many types of non-western flutes and flute-like instruments. Unfortunately the link to British flutemaker, Stephen Wesse at the bottom of the page is broken. (Checked 2014-11-29.).
Concertgebouw archive
From Amsterdam's leading concert hall. "This archive contains all available programme data pertaining to concerts given by the Concertgebouw Orchestra from its inception right up to the current concert season." Unfortunately, apparently no program notes.
Crescent Duo
Joanna Cowan White, flute; Kennen White, clarinet
Daniel Deitch
Historical woodwinds
Dorus' fingering, and trills, for the conical Boehm flute
The Estate Project
Composers, nusicians and other artists who have died from AIDS
Ethnic Flutes
African flutes
Kwela - South Africa
Oja - Nigeria
The Five-key "Charanga flute"
Afro-Cuban wooden transverse flute
Didgeridoo - Australian traditional instrument
Majestic didgeridoo sibling from Flutes family
The Didgeridoo Page- Italian language page with history, how to play, how to make, music
Didgeridoo University - from Alice Springs, Australia
The Flute Portal
"All types of flutes are discussed here: Native American Flute, Anasazi flute, Bansuri, Shakuhachi, Xiao, Di Zi, Quena, Irish Flute, Ney, Kaval, Shinobue, Ryuteki, Fujara, Digeridoo, Pan Pipes, Suling, Penny whistle, Recorder, Silver Flute, Ocarina and more"
Ghanaese flutes
Atenteben - ""originally a three-holed bamboo flute, much like the 'wia', but in the 20th century, musicians added three more holes in order to expand their range of notes"
Global Music Archive
a multi-media reference archive and resource center for traditional and popular song, music, and dance of Africa and North and South America
A Guide to the Irish Flute
information on Irish flutes , including an international list of flute makers and dealers
Neanderthal flute
4-hole instrument made from bone
The sound of longing - sound files, etc. (probably the oldest pitched instrument known to man, is an oblique rim blown reed flute with five finger holes in front and one thumb hole in the back.)
Nohkan flute
bamboo flute used in Japanese Noh dramas
Pan Pipes
The Quena flute
from South America
Sao - Vietnamese traditional flute
Vietnamese traditional music
(general intro)
Sao truc
Bamboo flute
Pham Duc Thanh
Training Videos
Khac Chi
Vietnamese instrumental ensemble
Tai Hei Shakuhachi
a total resource for Shakuhachi - the traditional Japanese bamboo flute
Suling - an Indonesian/Philippine flute made out of bamboo and used in the gamelan(sound file available)
Wikipedia article
Good Finale music software websites
Finale encyclopedia - based on the URL, it's for 2012 Windows version but is comprehensive
How to start using Finale -a series of videos from Skye J. that includes "Creating Music with FInale" and a mix
Finale User Manual - maybe more up-to-date, though the site is not secure
information and interesting articles. Spanish language - they suggest you usee the Google translation service if you don't read Spanish
English/Irish traditional group that is a unique combination of flutes underpinned by fluid guitar and hugely impressive bodhran playing
De Fluitstudio
De Fluitstudio is a flute shop in Amsterdam that offers repairs, rentals and adaptations to accommodate those with disabilities. The site includes links for "Flute Ergonomics".
Eight Strings & a Whistle
Suzanne Gilchrest, flute; Ina Litera, viola; Matthew Goeke, cello
Flute Acoustics
From the School of Physics department at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia. The Helmholtz resonator to fingerings to F#4 (their F#7), multiphonics and more. Other winds and voice also included.
The Flute and Piccolo Page
A good place for beginners. Annoying background music, though.
The Flute Ark
Organized by Trevor Wye. A work in progress, but has much info on flute & flutists
Flute repair folks
Flute Exchange
The Flute Network
master class listings and more
Flute Talk magazine online
for subscribers
Flute & Whistle Sound Sample Page
information, photos, and sound samples of various flutes and flute-like instruments.
Flute Lovers' Emporium
Gifts for the distinguished flutist
Flute performances on the web
Marcelo Rochabrun - Devienne, Flute Concerto No. 7: Movement 1, Movement 2, Movement 3
The Flute Source
Performance, pedagogy and more.
Flute Center of New York
Flutes, flute accessories, sheet music and more
Flutist Family Tree
traces the lineage of transverse flute playing, from student to teacher, through the past 300 years.
Flutists in the movies
Courtesy of Larry Krantz
Meet up with other flutists in your town
FLUTEWISE ONLINE strives to keep the flute player amused, entertained and informed.
Global Music Archive
Vanderbilt Univesity. "a multi-media reference archive and resource center for traditional and popular song, music, and dance of Africa and the Americas."
Frederick the Great
Laurel Ensemble
flute, clarinet, violin, viola, cello - based in San Francisco. Facebook page. As of 2017-09-10 link to website is broken.
Les Joueurs de Flûte
A Swiss group playing the entire range of the flute family
Just Flutes
"the most comprehensive selection of flute music and recordings in Europe."
KiwiCelt wooden flutes
Beautiful simple system & an interesting links page
Louis Lot
An e-mail discussion group for flutists who play on, own, or are interested in Louis Lot (or other brands of) vintage flutes.
Low flute resources
The Kingma System Alto Flute
Courtesy of Carla Rees Royal College Of Music, London
The Kingma System Bass Flute
Courtesy of Carla Rees Royal College Of Music, London
Chris Potter
Low flute expert - see esp. her Resources page
Dayton C. Miller Collection at the Library of Congress
Celtic band featuring Andra Bohnet, flute
Musica et memoria
French language (and some English) site that includes composer biographies and photos, history of the Prix de Rome, etc.
Meet the Composer & American Music Center merged to form this grant-giving agency (link goes to a Wikipedia article about the merger).
New Sound: International Magazine for Music
founded in 1993 by the Union of Yugoslav Composers' Organizations
Piobaireachd Manuscripts
Piobaireachd is an adjective to describe "that part of the Highland bagpipe repertory known otherwise as ceòl mór (great music) or a single item of that repertory." (Peter Cooke, "Pibroch", Grove Music Online ed. L. Macy (Accessed 31 October 2008),
The Singapore Flute Studio
Information on flute activities in Singapore
J.L. Smith & Co.
a small flute specialty shop devoted to serving each individual
Silverwood Quartet
A flute quartet (flute, violin, viola, cello) featuring Andra Bohnet, flute
Sylvan Winds
Celebrating more than 30 years of find chamber music performances, featuring Svjetlana Kabalin on flute.
Syrinx Flute Quartet
Russian flute quartet (Russian language site)
Alexander Tansman 5th International Competition of Musical Personalities
Triple Flageolet

Youtube video from Trevor Wye
Rick Wilson's Historical Flutes Page
“Photos of, descriptions of, and information about historical European and American flutes from the renaissance to the 20th century.” (from the web site)
Wirkkala Designs
Fine leather flute/piccolo cases
The primary focus of the web site is simple system wooden flutes with or without keys, which are often referred to as Irish flutes.
The Woodwind Group
Australia's Flute Specialist
The worldwide distribution of the transverse flute (.pdf file)
Gold flute pads & tools
Yamaha Corporation of America

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